Top Tips To Restore Wood Furniture Effectively

Top Tips To Restore Wood Furniture Effectively
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    Old furniture is a great addition to any home, it can be used to emphasize the existing character of a property or to add character.

    You may also be surprised at how sturdy and practical wood furniture can be.


However, wood furniture does age. Over time it will start to look tired. This is when you need to restore the item carefully to return it to its original glory.

You should note that restoring wood furniture can be time-consuming as you will want to get every step of the process right. If you don’t have much time or patience it can pay to use a reputable specialist in furniture restorations.

Prepare First

You should also note before you start restoring the furniture, that safety is important. You will be using tools and chemicals. If they are not used properly they can be dangerous.

Make sure you are familiar with the tools and have all the necessary protection. That includes gloves and respirators.

Identify The Finish

In order to get the perfect finish, you need to know what finish you are dealing with. It can be difficult to differentiate between varnish, lacquer, and shellac by sight only.

You can test on a small area. If the coating comes off with denatured alcohol it is shellac. Lacquer thinner removes lacquer coatings, and if the finish is still there after trying both of these, you probably have a varnish finish.

Clean It!

You may be surprised at how much difference a good clean can make! Before you start removing topcoats or anything, give your wood furniture a really good clean.

That means using an oil-based wood cleaner and then warm water with wood cleaning detergent. Just remember not to get the wood too wet.
This may be all you need to do!

wood furniture paintwood furniture stain

      some furniture restoration ideas to consider      

Buffing Imperfections

With the wood washed and dried you will have a better idea of what you are dealing with. If the furniture is largely okay and just has a few imperfections then you will want to use a specially designed solvent and apply it to the furniture. Once it has dried smooth you can buff it to restore the shine.

You can take this stage a step further by running some steel wool over it and then using a hard paste wax across the top. You may be surprised by how effective this approach is.


Strip It

If the above hasn’t made your wood furniture look like new then you will need to consider stripping the topcoat and reapplying it. The best approach is to use a stripping paste that can be applied to the wood and left to sit for a short while.

This will soften the topcoat, allowing you to scrape it off almost effortlessly. To get rid of stubborn areas use a liquid stripper. You need to remove every trace of the topcoat.

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Apply The New Coat

Before you can apply the new coat take the time to fill any damaged areas and then lightly sand the entire item. This gives the top coat something to grip to.

You can then add the finish of your choice and apply it using the manufacturer’s instructions. It is a good idea to polish or wax it afterward. This enhances the shine and adds extra protection.

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