How to Make Your Living Room Decor Unique

How to Make Your Living Room Decor Unique
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    Living rooms are unique spaces and are in many ways the most important places in your house.

    The hub of all activity in the house, it is also the very first portion of your house that your guests will get to see.


As such, it is absolutely vital that you design it with all your heart so that it looks hospitable, beautiful and absolutely incredible.

Find a Style that Suits You

Your home décor should be a window to your soul, and should reflect exactly who you are. Pick the colors and the styles you’d like, and see if you’re into leather sofas, cane chairs or comfy fabric sets. Whether minimalism is your thing, or you’d like funky, chic designs, it’s all up to you.

Measurements and Estimations

Before you go out and pick a piece of furniture, it is very important to find out exactly how large you want it to be. Any furniture, carpet, rug or décor item should be proportionate to the room or surface it is put on. An L-shaped sofa could be great for smaller rooms, but would look out of place in the middle of a huge living area. Furthermore, a huge couch would look bad in a small space as it would encroach upon the walking area and so on. Measurement of the living area, and then building a basic idea of how large you want your stuff to be, goes a long way in helping you pick the right items for you.

Creating a Perfect Sitting Area

Every living area has a focal point. For some, it is a fireplace, for others, a television set or entertainment center. The large sofa should always be pointed towards this focal point so that everyone can gather around and make the most of it. It’s also best not to keep the back of the sofa towards the entrance from outside, as that looks very unwelcoming. Create a conversation area by placing chairs and ottomans around the sofas too. L-shaped couches work just fine as well. According to the size of the room, you could choose whether you want to push it up against the walls to make it seem bigger, or in the center to make it feel more comfortable and homely.

Accent furniture Works Wonders

Coffee tables, mantelpieces, shelves and the like could look great too if positioned strategically. Bookshelves look amazing in corners or against walls, and sometimes on either side of your entertainment center. Your books are a great insight into who you are and naturally highlight the entire room. Balance is really important. One side of the room shouldn’t be barren while the other side is overflowing with furniture.

Picking a Couch

This is a huge, huge step as it will stay with you for the foreseeable future. If you are into leather, then an exotic sofa made of genuine leather would look great. However, if the rest of your room has a vintage vibe or even an absolutely colorful, chic, designer look, the single tone sofa probably wouldn’t be the best choice. Then, you could go for fabric, which is a comfortable, beautiful and easy to maintain option. You can go through the latest article of on sofa guide, to understand what would be the best option for you.

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Finishing Touches

The final touch-ups are the most important, as they could define what your entire room would look like. Put up your framed pictures or any art on your blank walls. Have ambient lighting around the room, to give it a great look. Ceiling lights, art spotlights, tall corner lamps or table lamps all look great. Another fantastic option is an area rug which could contrast with your furniture and bring about a high-class, chic look to your living room.



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