How to Negotiate Material Costs in Home Building Early in the Process

How to Negotiate Material Costs in Home Building Early in the Process
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    Deciding to build a new home will be one of the biggest decisions any adult will ever make throughout their life.

    It is a long process, but if it is done correctly can be one of the most rewarding choices ever made.


The cost of building a home varies greatly from place to place but is always majorly impacted by cost of materials. Building with one material over another can make the difference of thousands of dollars per room, hundreds of dollars per square foot.

This article is going to look at the building process and how people can try to save a long the way.

Compare Contractor Estimates

The first decision to be made when building a new home to choose the right contractor. This decision will require some research and thought to make sure to find the right one.

Getting the right contractor could literally save you thousands and thousands of dollars up front. Make sure that you are reading reviews and getting referrals as well to avoid choosing cheaper over quality of work.

Knowing what contractors are able to get you the best deals on materials can also help you save a great deal of money.

Many contractors have special deals with material vendors and are able to use these deals to give massive building discounts to their customers.

Make that a talking point when getting estimates from contractors and ask them how they work to get the best material prices for their customers.

Coordinate Material Appearance Ahead of Time

Picking aesthetics is another way to save large amounts of money. For example, choosing a beautiful faux wood rather than actual real hard wood can save tremendous amounts of money.

Even more going with concrete floors and staining them over time can save lots of money up front as well. If you have plenty of time and can research what type of appliances that will go into the new home, you can shop for them on your own and save money there too.

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Large chain retailers or even thrift stores may have better pricing on appliances than what a contractor might get them for. However, keep in mind that some of these appliances, such as boilers and water heaters, are typically better quality when purchased through a contractor than in a home improvement store.

Compare Prices Yourself

Shopping and comparing prices is at least worthy of the time invested if it does end up saving money. When it comes to saving money on products during the home building phase, you can work with your contractor or do research on your own to find the most competitive pricing for various parts of the house.


Wall frames, for example, can be made with various types of wood with no impact on the aesthetics of your home because it will be behind the drywall, so strength of material and cost are your only real factors to consider.

There will always be ways to save money during the building process. The best thing that can be done is extensive research into the building process to see where money can be saved.

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Keep in mind where the materials will be used to identify what is most important about the materials for their use. Also keep in mind that cheaper materials can also look just as good as costly ones without any drop in quality.

Knowing what you need and where before you begin to build can help you negotiate better prices for building and save thousands of dollars.

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