Sunday Morning Tip for May 30: Is Hiring a Contractor Worth it?

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for May 30:</span> Is Hiring a Contractor Worth it?
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    Whether you're building a house from scratch or working to repair and update an older property, many are plagued by the same question.

    Should I hire a contractor?


Contractors are professionals who know what they’re doing and have been working in this field for years, and because of this, their prices can be pretty steep!

Here are some things to consider before you hire a contractor!

How Big Is The Project?

Although almost anyone can complete a project taking a wall out if there are no wires in it, things get complicated when building things and following building codes.  There are requirements for how thick support beams have to be and how thick walls have to be. 

If you don’t know anything about electrical wiring or finding a good layout for windows and doorways, you could be lost.

Consider how large your project is and whether or not it’s worth taking it on by yourself.  You can offer to help the contractor make things go faster and let you feel more hands-on, but most large projects should be taken on by a professional.

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Have You Done This Work Before?

Have you completed a project similar to this one before?  When you were looking at real estate for sale in Whistler, it might have felt easy to say you could handle replacing a sump pump, but do you even know where to start on doing that? 

Do You Have The Time And Resources For It?

How much time can you devote to this job?  If you work full time, and nobody else in your home is working on it: how long would it feasibly take you? 

Although some projects can be drawn out over time because they aren’t necessarily a rush, many others need to be completed quickly to keep out the elements and any critters who think they can make a home in the hole in your roof. 

Consider how quickly a contractor could complete this project, and if you’re willing to give up those months or years of your life just so that you can save money or say that you did it.

As was stated earlier, you can still help the contractor, allowing you to say that you helped build it or had a hand in it.  Don’t let your pride cost you months of your life, though!

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What’s Your Budget Looking Like?

Surprisingly, in some instances, it may be cheaper to hire a contractor than it is to buy all of the supplies and tools yourself and then spend hours on it.  If you have a tighter budget and a tight work schedule, it might not be the time for you to try building things yourself.

Many contractors have business connections that can save money on supplies, which passes the savings on to you.

If you’re unsure about this, you can ask around for a quick quote based on the size of your project.  After you’ve been quoted, if you’re still sure, you can complete this for less money than them, and you’re willing to spend the time: go for it!

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