Can Door and Window Fitters Influence the Aesthetics of Your Home?

Can Door and Window Fitters Influence the Aesthetics of Your Home?
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    Did you know that fenestrations play an important role in people's perspective of your lifestyle?

    The architectural design of doors and windows can reflect the character of the homeowners and the way they prefer to live.


Did you know that fenestrations play an important role in people’s perspective of your lifestyle? The architectural design of doors and windows can reflect the character of the homeowners and the way they prefer to live.

An aesthetically pleasing design can bring a person bonus points and help them score a better reputation among their neighbors. The exterior trim of a door or window can elevate the look and feel of the front entrance.

First impressions

The design of a house’s doors and windows determines its overall appearance in the eyes of people, who will judge whether it satisfies the aesthetics standard or not.

A modern-looking window and door frames will draw much more positive attention, than something that is behind the times.

That is why people tend to opt for something that looks welcoming and fits the overall harmony of the architecture, because who would want their house to keep guests from wanting to visit?

It is best to look for designs that will not only complement the interior of the house, but also the exterior.

Types of materials

Built from the same materials, door and window fitters vary just in shape. Fiberglass, aluminum and wood are among the couple of materials used for making them.

Choose fiberglass if you want something that has the look of wood but does not require the maintenance, can endure years of slamming without showing a scratch, and is customizable with the color of your liking. Fiberglass resists: denting, warping, shrinking, rotting, and swelling.

Aluminum fitters are a great choice if the house is more on the traditional side, and not only do they save you money but will also keep insects from disturbing your peace.

Choose a wooden frame for a classical-looking entry door that looks inviting to everyone who throws a glance at your house, and lets you convey a sense of style, tradition and natural beauty. Find out more on this page.

Thermal bridging

Also known as cold bridge or heat bridge, thermal bridges refer to areas of objects which have a significantly higher heat transfer than the surrounding materials. This results in a reduction of thermal insulation of the object.

The external trims of door and window frames are susceptible to thermal bridges, which can reduce the energy efficiency of a building. Condensation can appear and damage the elements close to these areas.

The energy efficiency of door and window frames determines the window performance at heat gain and loss, measured through the U-factor. The lower the U-factor is, the better is the window at insulating and resisting heat flow.

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There are certain advantages and disadvantages to how different frame materials perform when it comes to thermal resistance.

Although aluminum frames are not prone to corrosion, they are poor insulators and fail to meet certain thermal requirements. So, in the case of aluminum frames, it is advisable to install a thermal break.

Wood has great energy efficiency properties, but one may encounter difficulties insulating it because it can shrink or bulge.

Fiberglass frames are superior when it comes to thermal performance, being extremely durable and having hollow cavities filled with insulation.

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Safety and security

Securing your doors and windows is detrimental especially with the constant rise of burglaries. Sash Jammers, additional locks and burglar proof-films are some of the precautions you can take to protect your home from being robbed. Burglar-proof films provide two extra layers of protection and can be installed inside and outside windows and doors.

The film prevents the glass from completely shattering by holding it in place despite continuous blows. Sash jammers are an affordable way to add an extra level of security to your doors and windows.

They prevent a window or door from opening in cases where the lock is bypassed by a thief.  Doors usually have two sash jammers, one at the top and one at the bottom, while windows have only one.


What to choose?

When choosing new frames, one should take into consideration their price. In the long run, it is better to invest in high quality and durable frameworks rather than in cheaper products with lower quality. However, the final decision on which window and door frames to choose is up to the homeowner.

The properties and effects of different frameworks should be compared before making a final decision. You can find all types of windows and door fitters if you simply do some research online.

Eventually it is very important to compare the pros and cons of each material. When it comes to wooden frame the advantages are the natural look and the fact that it is a renewable raw material, while the disadvantages are that it requires a lot of maintenance, regular painting is necessary, it can swell and relatively high cost.

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When it comes to a PVC frame, its advantages are very durable (lifespan over 50 years), easy maintenance, good insulating properties, available in various shapes and colors, light weight, easy to clean, reasonable price and the fact that 100% of the material can be recycled. The downside is that the frame gets dirty easily and the fact that PVC is not a natural raw material.

On the other hand, the aluminum frame has the following advantages: long-lasting durability, easy maintenance, modern look, it is possible to make narrow profiles and is available in almost all colors. The downsides are high cost of the window, relatively poor insulation properties and risk of corrosion, especially in the case of buildings that are close to water sources (sea/lake).

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