DIY a Bifold Door Yourself

DIY a Bifold Door Yourself
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    Bifold doors are a fantastic addition to any home.

    These doors provide a functional piece of furniture in an affordable and sleek package.


Bi-folding doors are generally used as a means of opening up an indoor space so that it seamlessly flows out onto an outdoor patio. However, they can also be used in other places e.g. on wardrobes.

If you are someone who relishes the excuse to engage in a bit of adventurous DIY, building your own bi-folding door is an excellent project to undertake. Needless to say, bi-folds that involve glass panels require extra care when they are being constructed. However, anyone with experience of woodworking will be able to build a bi-folding door for their wardrobe.

Measure Your Opening

Obviously, before you can think about building a bi-folding door, you will need to know how big it will need to be. Measuring the size of the opening where you plan on installing the door, or doors, is the first thing that you need to do.

It is much easier to cut down a piece of wood that is too large than it is to have to start all over again. So, with that said, you want to order your timber just a little bit bigger than you need it to be.

Trim Your Wood

Once the timber that you plan to make your door from arrives, you will need to trim it down a little so that it is the right size. Hopefully you followed the advice above and ordered yourself just a little bit more wood than you actually need.

Because the door needs to fold, and a bifold refers specifically to a door that folds in half, you will need to cut two pieces of wood, each of which measures half the distance of the aperture. You should also trim around 1/8th of an inch off the piece of wood that will be on the casing side of the door.

Mark and Mount the Hinges

You need to space your hinges apart equally, with three of them in total. Make sure that your markings are level by utilizing a spirit level. Remember, you need to mark the positions for three hinges on both parts of the door, meaning 6 markings in total.

Once you have marked out where the hinges will go, you then need to mount them. It’s easiest to do this by laying the doors flat on the ground and screwing the hinges into place.

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Mount and Finishing Touches

Once you have got both parts of the door ready, it’s then relatively straightforward to mount it. But don’t forget about the other important features, such as the handle. There are a number of other touches that you can add to your door, like a specialist magnetic catch for bifold doors.

Once you have your wood cut to the right size and everything is assembled, putting the DYI bifold door together should be relatively straightforward. After you’ve done the building work, you are then free to decorate the door how you see fit and make sure it fits in your home aesthetically as well as physically.

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