What Type of Mantel Should I Choose for My Fireplace?

What Type of Mantel Should I Choose for My Fireplace?
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    By tradition, fireplaces have defined the architectural styles of the interior décors of homes.

    They have represented styles such as Victorian, Gothic, Classic, and Renaissance.

    They always tell you something about the homeowner.


More recently, natural wood has been favored as a material. It has a rustic and natural look. The reclaimed wood mantels have become an environmentally friendly way of improving the look of a home and creating a unique talking point for guests. After all, who would not be curious as to what the piece of wood was once used for?


For a natural look and a choice of shade, we will begin with wood. Maple will, for example, add a light brown color to complement interiors.

It is also known for having very strong and tightly packed grains that can withstand a lot of pressure.

So, now you have something which is light in color that will brighten up your home and withstand not only your mantle clock, and perhaps a pair of heavy candlesticks, but all the photo frames of your loved ones.

If you prefer your maple smooth, it sands and finishes well. Alternatively, there will be a range of other woods, including darker shades, that you can choose from.

Another consideration is the environment, so rather than see a tree knocked down, although you will never actually see the one that made your mantel, you might like to consider a mantel for your fireplace that has been made from reclaimed wood.

This will have more of a natural, rustic feel to it, as it will have been around for a longer period than a newly felled tree. If you worry about environmental issues such as deforestation, then you will be pleased that your mantel has been made from reclaimed wood and will be able to tell everyone so.


Granite has heat resistant properties which make it one of the chosen materials for fireplaces, although fires are always set well back well into a grate for this not to be an issue. Granite is quite a dark color, so you may consider limestone as a lighter alternative.

One of the disadvantages of a stone great is the coldness of their look, which seems ironic when they are offsetting a fire which has a warm glow to it. As with everything, it is personal preference. You do have to look at it every day, and more so during the winter months.

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Like granite, marble has an excellent heat tolerance. It is, however, a fragile substance, so will need to be properly cared for to avoid cracks, chips, or stains. From a maintenance point of view, it will need to be cleaned more than the darker stones, like granite.

It is predominantly available in white and other light colors. Marble can be expensive. The least expensive is Carrara, which is also called Carrera.

If you are interested in interior decor then you might like to read this article.

What’s Your Preference?

So, having compared the different materials, we should consider what type of fireplace mantel is for us. That is, what type of material we want it manufactured out of.

other valuable tips:

Although, if reclaimed wood is used, it will practically have manufactured itself. It will just require a bespoke shaping to perfectly fit the fireplace within our home. Coloring wise, the lighter or darker shades of brown are going to be achieved from wood.

Marble has a swirly pattern, but then, wood has a very nice grain. With the reclaimed woods, you will find the nice patina, gained from age and the fact that it was not from a newly felled tree, particularly appealing.

On balance, thinking about the warm natural look they provide, and the fact that it can be reclaimed and be good for the environment, reclaimed wood mantels represent a tempting option.

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