Furnace Or Fireplace? Which One Will Warm Your House Up Best

Furnace Or Fireplace? Which One Will Warm Your House Up Best
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    When considering a furnace versus a fireplace, you'll find that there are benefits to both.

    The situation will warrant which is best for you.


Things like cost, the size of your home, availability of firewood, age of your home, and many other factors will play into whether or not a furnace or fireplace is the right choice for you. To make some sense of all of this, here are some advantages and disadvantages to each heating option.

Heat Loss of Furnace Versus Fireplace Comparison

A built-in fireplace is only 10 percent efficient because most of the heat is lost through the chimney. In fact, the ancient Romans used the heat that escaped through the chimneys to heat their baths. Thus, if heat loss is the primary concern, it’s recommended to choose a furnace.

Efficiency of Furnace Versus Fireplace Comparison

Fireplaces require some work to be efficient. Adding glass doors, for instance, will keep more of the heat inside the head. Furnaces have fans that can help to circulate the air flow and make the temperature more even in the room. Furnaces are 80 percent more efficient as long as the air is coming from outside. Direct-vent furnaces are approximately 92 percent efficient compared to direct-vent fireplaces which are only 85 percent efficient.

Disaster Recovery of Furnace Versus Fireplace

In a power outage, the furnace will not work. You’ll either need a generator or a fireplace for heat. In this case, you should have wood available to create heat in the fireplace. Fireplaces are good to have in the event of emergency if they are not gas and electric controlled. Many portable fireplaces use other energy sources including wood and ethanol. And the obvious benefits of this in the power outage or other natural disaster is that you’ll be able to have heat and comfort, no matter what the elements throw at you.

Safety of Furnace Versus Fireplace

Some fireplace solutions feature ventless inserts. These inserts will cost less, and they’ll draw oxygen from the room, but they may emit carbon monoxide. These units cannot be used more than three hours at a time and should not be used with an air source. Direct-vent units are safer and more efficient fireplace units, but they are not as safe as the direct-vent furnace.

Which One Will Warm Up Your House Better?

The short answer is that the direct-vent furnace is a more efficient and safer way to heat a home. If both the furnace and fireplace run off of gas and electricity, neither will provide benefit during a power outage. Wood burning fireplaces will provide the coverage needed but are more labor intensive and generates dry heat that cannot be controlled as well. Experts prefer furnaces because they will warm the house better.

Selecting a heating source is a matter of personal preference. The professionals at Luced Services Ltd. can help you choose the right heating source for you and your family.



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