Choosing an Antique Fireplace for a Newly Renovated Home: A Complete Guide

Choosing an Antique Fireplace for a Newly Renovated Home: A Complete Guide
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    Are you on the hunt for an antique fireplace for your home?

    Antique fireplaces are sure-fire cornerstones to any room in the house, so it's essential you pick the perfect one.


Even if your home isn’t a period property and you just want to mix in some antique furniture to your modern home, adding an antique fireplace will help you achieve a well-balanced look in your house as well as add contrast and depth to any room.

Combining antiques with contemporary decoration can create a distinctive sense of equilibrium and personality to your home.

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing an antique fireplace for your home.

The Location

First and foremost, where’s your antique fireplace going to go? Most people opt for the living room, but this doesn’t have to be the case at all.

The choice is yours. How about positioning your fireplace in the bedroom? Or perhaps the bathroom, kitchen or even in the dining room?

You may decide to place your fireplace in a certain room purely for practical reasons. For example, the bathroom may be especially chilly. Or maybe there’s a strange alcove in the wall, behind which is a chimney breast.

Ultimately, you’ll probably be restricted to where a chimney – or another suitable vent – currently exists. But, of course, you can have one put in, depending on your budget.

The Style

Since a fireplace is such a central feature in a room, it’s crucial you think about the types of styles or fireplace designs you want.

Would you like neoclassical marble? Or are you in the mood for warm woods, stone surrounds or elegantly embellished inlaid fireplaces?

Antique fireplaces can mostly be distinguished by their material. For instance, a classic statuary marble look may appeal to you more than a rustic, Gothic-looking fireplace.

If you’re looking for something decorative, opt for a wooden fireplace, as they often feature attention-grabbing engravings. For something that stands out, consider a metal fireplace.

You need to ask yourself what style you like most and what will work with your current décor.

ethanol fireplacegas fireplaces

      some gas fireplace ideas to consider      

The Color

Have you thought about the color of your antique fireplace? Stone fireplaces, for example, are available in greys and golds while marble tends to come in a whole host of hues, from intense black to brilliant white. Other shades include eye-catching pinks, greens and greys.

Choosing between a blue tone and a brown can instantly change the look of a room. Considering colour is really important if you want your fireplace to harmonise with existing décor – whether it’s modern or antique.

The Size

When it comes to size, it’s vital to consider:

  • The width of the chimney breast (unless you have a flat wall)
  • The dimensions of the fire opening (height – width at the rear and front which can vary – and depth)
  • Size of the room
  • Ceiling height.

All of the above can have a significant impact on the proportions.

Another thing to think about is whether you’ll require a mantelpiece. It’s worth noting that bigger mantelpieces can poke a fair way into a room.

From farmhouse kitchen-size fireplaces to petite styles perfect for small offices and bedrooms, there are a whole range of antique fireplaces on the market, so you’re sure to find the right style.

Antique, Reproduction or Bespoke

You’ll also want to think about whether you’d prefer an antique, reproduction or bespoke antique fireplace.

Here are the key differences between them:

  • An antique

    A great way to add some incredible history to a room and ideal if you want to get the perfect period fireplace for your house.

  • A reproduction

    A fireplace that’s an authentic replica of an original.

  • A bespoke

    A fireplace that’s completely personalised to your liking. The size of an existing style can be tweaked to your tastes, or you can work with a manufacturer to design a new one.

wood burning fireplacewood burning stove

      some wood fireplace ideas to consider      

The Fireplace’s Interior

While a fireplace is effectively an ornamental surround, you’ll need to think about the interior of your antique fireplace. So, consider what fuel you’d like to use and if it’s suitable for a HETAS registered engineer.

Once you’ve thought about this, you can then pick from a range of interior options, like a fire grate or, perhaps, a wood burner.

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

  • Choice of aesthetics
  • Heat output from the fire, e.g. amount of heat from the fire (will the main source of heat come from the fire? Will there be central heating?)
  • Amount of upkeep and maintenance (how much effort are you willing to put in?)
  • Amount of time and cost of installing the various options (for instance, a real fire will necessitate a fire box)
  • Energy efficiency.
other valuable tips:

Whether it’ll hold a roaring open fire, a neat wood burner, a gas fire or just a couple of decorative candles, an antique fireplace is the pivotal point in any room, so it’s important to get it spot on.

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