How to Get Started With Repairing Your Sidewalk Cracks

How to Get Started With Repairing Your Sidewalk Cracks
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    Cracks in your sidewalk can be both unsightly and dangerous.

    Therefore, when you notice cracks in your sidewalk, it's important to repair them as quickly as possible.


To ensure a long-lasting repair, though, it’s vital that you follow the proper procedure to repair the cracks correctly. To help you do just that, here are a few tips on how to get started with repairing your sidewalk cracks.

Look for the Cause

In many cases, sidewalk cracks are simply caused by variable weather conditions throughout the year. However, some cracks are caused by issues such as tree roots growing underneath the sidewalk or a shift in the soil that the sidewalk sits on.

If you notice one of these external issues causing cracks in your sidewalk, it’s important to address that issue first before attempting to repair your sidewalk so that the cracks are less likely to return.

This might mean cutting down a beloved tree in your yard, but as that tree and the roots continue to grow, it will just do more and more damage to your sidewalk over time.

Prepare the Cracks

Proper preparation of sidewalk cracks is a key step in ensuring the durability of the repairs. Before you begin to pour concrete, it’s important that you even-up the cracks so that the concrete has a larger area to adhere to.

Plus, you’ll want to clean all debris out of the cracks using a broom and either a vacuum or some type of forced-air implement to remove any dust.

By taking the time to properly repair the cracks instead of pouring concrete to simply cover it up, you’ll ensure that you don’t have to spend more time later trying to fix your fixes or keep wasting concrete on a problem that you haven’t actually solved.

Find a Source of Concrete

Another important consideration before you begin your sidewalk repairs is where you’ll get your concrete. For a few small cracks, a simple bag of concrete mixed in a wheelbarrow will do the trick. You can find a bag of concrete at any home improvement store near your.

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However, if you have multiple large repairs to complete, it’s a good idea to utilize a concrete company to deliver the concrete to you. This will ensure that you have enough concrete to finish the job and that it remains pliable until you’re ready to use it.

Be Ready to Protect It

There’s something about a fresh patch of concrete that’s attractive to vandals. To prevent your concrete from being written or stepped in, it’s important to have protective barriers in place before you begin your pour.

This will prevent you from having to step away from the pour site after it’s completed while you look for a way to protect the concrete. Even this short time away is enough time for someone to vandalize your new concrete.

other valuable tips:

Since tasks involving concrete are inherently time-sensitive, it’s a good idea to have a couple of assistants with you as you complete your project. These assistants can retrieve tools, prevent vandalism, and do a variety of other tasks.

This will help your project to go more smoothly and ensure you achieve the results that you desire. Ask a friend or a family member, or even a professional company, to help you get started on your sidewalk repair project today.

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