Storage Space Solutions for Your New Loft

Storage Space Solutions for Your New Loft
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    Loft conversions are a bigger hit nowadays than they ever were.

    There are many reasons for this.


For starters, people started realizing that it is an unused space with quite a large square footage, at least half of which you can use for living accommodations. So, whether you decide to do a mansard conversion, or make a new living room or a bedroom, you’ll end up with an angled area beneath the eaves.

This is usually considered unusable space as a human being can’t stand here. However, it’s ideal for storage. Many people are aware of this, but don’t know how exactly to do it. So, we decided to make a list of storage space solutions for your new loft that work amazingly.

If you ask us, the ideal loft storage space needs to fulfill a couple of requirements:

  • Maximizing the space
  • Not blocking natural light
  • Being seamlessly incorporated in the room

Here’s what we came up with.

Combine high and low

One of the biggest problems with loft conversions is that ceiling heights are different in different parts of the room, and they’re not constant. However, you can use this and fill the entire space with some clever thinking and creative home renovation tips.

Make the most of your new area by putting a tall wardrobe next to a shorter piece of furniture or storage space. For instance, put a dressing table or a worktable beside it.

You will have the drawers from it for storage, and you won’t encounter any problems using it because of the sloping ceiling as you’re already sitting down. It’s an ideal way to maximize this awkward space.

It’s always a good idea to incorporate some of the smart storage space solutions for your new loft.

spiral stairway kitwall library bookcase

      some loft decorating ideas to consider      

Use every angle you get

Dormer windows are extremely popular in loft conversions, and there’s no wonder why. However, they usually leave you with some unused corners and space that you need to have to install them properly. Luckily, there is a way to turn this into efficient storage.

Build a shelving area that can be accessed from both sides of the corner. You can leave it without doors so it makes a wonderful and interesting bookshelf. Alternatively, put cabinet doors on it and get a completely different space in which you can store anything you want.

Add a flat surface

The next one of the storage space solutions for your new loft can sound like a weird one, but stick with us. There are many ways in which you can use the space next to the dormer window. Another idea is building a cabinet with a flat surface on top.

The idea is for the unit to stop where the ceiling meets the wall. In some instances, this can do wonders and you get an additional table of sorts that doubles as storage.

Open access for the win

Probably one of the most beautiful and usable attic storage ideas you can go for when redecorating a loft is an open-access approach. Although, if you choose to follow this path, you’ll have to keep everything clean and tidy at all times. Open plan can work great for unusual spaces.

We’ve seen examples where people built open shelves on both sides of the chimney breast. This style of storage is the best idea if you have some collectibles or trophies to show, but can also be used for storing clothes without any problems.

Open shelves are one of the nicest storage solutions when it comes to lofts and attics.

industrial pendant lightpallet coasters

      some industrial looks ideas to consider      

Step by step

If you opt for using the ceiling windows you’ll get a lot of natural light in your loft. So, this makes it a perfect place to keep your books and create the ideal reading spot you always wanted. Use the slope of the ceiling and create a stepped bookshelf beneath it.

This is one of the tricks that we pulled from the life hacks for small NYC apartments and it is perfect for creating an enjoyable space. The steps of a shelf will only make space look more interesting and that’s never a bad thing. You just need some comfortable chairs and you’re all set.

Use the corners

One more tip that we got from small apartment owners that we’ve talked to about storage space solutions for your new loft is a rather interesting one. If you think about it, pretty much all of the loft apartments are made similarly.

There’s a good reason for this. If you use a corner of a room as its most important place, you’ll make pretty much all of the space usable.

This way you can put large wardrobes in a room, or incorporate the storage space into the walls. You will have lots of room to play with. Just make sure to light it properly as big pieces of furniture can make your loft feel smaller than it really is.

To make the most of your space, try to place the center point of a room in a corner.

platform bed frame with storagemetal bedroom shelf

      some loft bedroom ideas to consider      

Line everything up

If you have the idea of making your loft a simple bedroom, there’s a thing you can do to maximize the space and ease your job. Think about building cabinets beneath the eaves all the way along.

Use a row of cupboards, or make custom doors to utilize the practicality of the area. If you want to keep everything as neat and seamless as possible, use minimalistic door handles for extra effect.

It’s also advisable to choose streamlined surfaces, so they can ”disappear” within the wall. This will keep the calm feel of the room. In addition, with fewer things in it, you’ll need less help bringing in the furnishings. It’s a win-win situation, really.

other valuable tips:

Go freestyle

If one thing is clear by now, it is that pretty much every loft is a story for itself. Some of the nicest examples out there are created by the owners themselves and are designed to suit their needs.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things when thinking about storage space solutions for your new loft. You’re the person that knows the best what you want. Why wouldn’t you have fun along the way?

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