Three Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Three Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement
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    Your basement space is more than storage for old furniture and unused items.

    The basement is an important structure in your house's foundation.

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Most homeowners dislike spending money on home repairs in spaces they least interact with, such as the basement. Avoid looking at basement waterproofing as an unnecessary expense, think of it as a life-time investment.

By waterproofing the basement, you’re increasing your home’s value. If you live in areas vulnerable to flash floods or notice dumps of snow around your basement, you’re at risk of foundation cracks and flooding. Don’t overlook basement waterproofing and ensure it’s done by a professional to prevent your home from flooding, promote better air quality, and reduce energy costs.

No More Flooding

A flooded basement can cause massive damage to your valuable and compromise your property’s structural integrity. You don’t require heavy rains to flood your basement.

Light showers are enough to cause basement floods and damage to your property.

The National Flood Insurance Program notes that flood damage claims account for approximately $3 billion annually, making floods the topmost destructive disaster in the U.S.

Water can seep to your basement through various entryways such as basement windows, cracks in the wall or floor, or poor plumbing.

To prevent future floods, you first need to identify the source of floodwater, repair it, and consult professionals for basement waterproofing.

Keep in mind that although concrete is effective in keeping out liquid water, it’s insufficient to keep vapor out. For complete protection from flooding and vapor build-up in your basement, you require to waterproof your basement.

You no longer have to dread heavy downpour if you waterproof your house since you’re assured the water will not flood your basement. With a waterproofed basement, your house is safe from harmful mold and mildew that can otherwise put you and your family at a health risk.

Better Air Quality

If you want to create an additional living space, your basement is a perfect choice only if there is no moisture or smell. If you can smell a moldy odor, consider waterproofing your basement for better air quality. Most homeowners often overlook indoor air quality as a potential health hazard to respiratory problems.

Humid and wet basement affect not only the air quality of that space but the entire household. The main reason humidity is trapped in basements and crawl places is because heavy, damp air settles in the lowest levels of a property, your basement.

Apart from water that seeps into your basement, everyday chores like doing dishes, showering, and cleaning can lead to humidity build-up in your home.

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Mold spores, dust, and other airborne particles cling to humid air, causing unwanted orders and diseases. Basement waterproofing is one effective method to keep moisture out of your premises for better air quality.

Consult an expert to guide you on various basement waterproofing products to prevent moisture build-up in your basement. Ensure your basement is adequately ventilated for clean air circulation. It’s important to also solve poor air quality issues from the source of pollution. For instance, if water leakage is the source of pollution, ensuring your surfaces remain dry always.

Reduce Energy Costs

Albeit waterproofing your basement being a top efficient way to lower energy use and bills, it remains the least known techniques available. Upgrading to Energy Star-compliant appliances, using energy-efficient bulbs, and installing storm windows are common choices for lowering your energy use. However, addressing energy loss right from your home’s foundation is crucial.

Waterproof your home’s basement to lower your energy costs no matter the season. Note that minor cracks in the foundation can be entryways for cool air to enter your home. In cold seasons, the air is colder in the basement, overworking your heating system as it tries to combat cold air from flowing through.

other valuable tips:

Basement waterproofing seals off your foundation, preventing cold air from penetrating through the foundation. In warmer seasons, humid air trapped in the basement overworks your air conditioner. Waterproofed basements restrict any unwanted air, eliminating both cold air and humidity, reducing your energy costs.

Consult a basement waterproofing expert for a range of products to permanently waterproof your foundation today. A professional will recommend products that will block groundwater entry, humidity, dampness problems, and mildew odors. Go for waterproofing products that are non-flammable, solvent-free, and non-hazardous.

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