Sunday Morning Tip for August 09: 7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Searching A New Home

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for August 09:</span> 7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Searching A New Home
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    Buying a new home is an investment for life. There are many things to keep in mind while shortlisting a place.

    The type of accommodation, convenient access to banks, shopping and entertainment zones, transport facilities are key factors to know.


Doing proper planning and coordination with home brokers and lenders is important to complete the house buy. For first-time home buyers, the shifting phase is not easy. Mistakes can crop up in the rush of time or due to lack of experience. Hence, it is necessary to be aware of the slip-ups that can happen in changing the house address.

Here are some of the common errors home buyers can make while planning a house shift.

Wrong Choice in Home Loan

The variety of home loans is bound to baffle the first home buyer. Understanding some of the technical terms like comparison rate and discount variable, line of credit may seem like decoding a tough theorem. But there isn’t any choice. Even the second home buyers can feel perplexed on the home loan details. Putting your money in wrong loans may put up the risk of mortgaging assets.

There is a silver lining in the home loan market. If you have bought a wrong home loan by any chance, you can refinance it by approaching another lender. Like home painting specialists, there are experts in home loans to guide you on the low rate of interest.

Overseeing the Hidden Defects

If you are on a conservative budget, look for homes that you think have the potential to materialize in the near future. Going for a fancy house that calls for an eventual repair is not an advisable option. It will leave you in an annoying state of mind considering the money, time, labour cost and patience you will be spending.

Before you move in a property possession that has some repairs to be done, think again whether it was worth going in for. Make a true assessment to ascertain that the money you are spending on a new property is worth its value.

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Avoiding Multiple Visits to the New Property

There is no harm in visiting the property site before signing on the dotted line. Before finalizing a house purchase, go to the rented flat or new home two to three times at least to convince yourself of the big decision you are about to take. Once you sign the house deal papers, the deal is finalized to the point of no-reversal.

Till the time you do not shift completely to your new abode, keep dropping in your new house address. Find out about your future neighbours, the newspaper agent, the groceries and chemist shop, hardware dealer for electrical and kitchen appliances.

Failing to Give Importance to Research

House hunting can work out to be a good deal subject to proper research and planning. When you avoid it, then you may end up buying a home which may not be compatible and would not live up to your expectations in the near future.

Make a list of your selection criteria and preferences in properties and accommodation. Do your ground research for two to three months, discuss with your family and then zero in on the area you will like to shift to. And by any chance, if you don’t get sufficient time for the research, then give that job to trusted Dallas apartment locators. Their experience will surely help you find the right place in less time.

Not working With a Real Estate Agent

Whenever you buy an expensive product for your home, you like to take the opinion of the family. When buying a new home, you should consult an experienced real estate agent. Home-buyers like to take a shortcut in purchasing a home by not going through the real estate agent. The hidden motive of the home-buyer is to save the real estate commission and sell the home using “For Sale By Owner (FSBO)”.

Price negotiations come with a skill set. And a potential home buyer doesn’t need to know this art. Real estate agents are bound to follow the ethical standards in an individual capacity and the seller’s interest. So, go through the channel to get the best deal.

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Rushing in Things to Close the Deal

It is alright to be on the lookout for a fancy piece of land or a furnished home. But taking a speedy action while buying a real estate property is not a sensible approach.

Check out the pros and cons of the place, such as the value of the property a few years down the line, the safety standards of the place at night and noise levels. These small issues may look sensible to know after shifting. Judging all the parameters and then signing the home deal works best.

Getting Carried Away by Emotions:

In buying a new home, it is natural to visit many options. We take the opinion of many people – parents, relatives, long-distance friends, even the next-door neighbour. Our thought process gets conditioned by several views that shape our needs and desires of our future habitat. Such an approach doesn’t work out in the longer run.

Emphasize buying functional benefits of the place such as good transport and connectivity, schools and shopping zones in the vicinity. You are buying a place for good living where more than aesthetics the cost of sustaining it needs attention. So, reserve your emotions for making a wellness garden in your new home, not the plant manure and fertilizers which are a functional need.

Final Words:

Buying a new home gives the feeling of ushering a new and better future. Use patience, preparation and wisdom to make your search of a home fruitful.

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