How to Paint Concrete Surfaces

How to Paint Concrete Surfaces
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    Painting any kind of material requires a step by step approach.

    Concrete surfaces are no exception; what is more, they require more time and effort than the majority of other type of surfaces.


Concrete asks for specific approach with certain steps that need to be followed in order for the results to be successful and durable.  Here are all the necessary steps with emphasis on issues you need to pay special attention to.

Before you Begin

Do not be intimidated by the fact that concrete requires somewhat specific approach. All the work can be performed by anyone, layman or professional, providing that they follow the procedure to detail. Perhaps the most important notion is not to expect to finish all the work in two or three days. Since concrete is a very porous surface it usually takes at least a week for it to be completely dry. Also, let your imagination free when it comes to choice of color, it does not have to be any shade of grey.

Cleaning the Surface

As we mentioned before, concrete is a very porous structure. It is often filled with oil, dirt or grease and needs to be cleaned thoroughly before applying anything. Luckily, there are a number of concrete cleaning products that will make initial step easier and faster. If an outdoor surface is in question, make sure you remove all existing moss too. There are also concrete cleaning tools, in case the surface is really dirty.

Removing Old Paint

All traces of old paint need to be removed before you do anything else after thorough surface cleaning. A traditional paint scraper and wire brush are both equally efficient when it comes to peeling old paint of surface. Elbow grease is very helpful with interior surface, while power washers are a great aid when it comes to exterior ones.

Sealing and Priming the Surface

All cracks and holes need to be sealed before actual painting is performed. Leaving them unattended guaranties that the new layer of paint will peel of rather fast. Also, sealed structure prevents building up of moisture and mold growth. When the sealing process finishes, and in case of heavy porosity it may last for couple of days apply the primer to enable stronger adhesion of paint and the durability of the entire work. For example, protective epoxy coating is suitable for interior and exterior purposes and provide additional heat and corrosion resistance.


Before applying paint let the sealer and primer thoroughly dry. Using rollers and brushes for applying paint would be most convenient since air brushes often get clogged by particles that are in the paint. Two or three layers are recommended, with enough drying time between them. When it comes to color choice, do not be a slave to tradition, use more lively colors, such as orange, green or aquamarine for example. As we said at the beginning, let your imagination go wild. After applying the final layer, make sure 24 hours pass before you move any furniture back into the room in order not to damage it.

As you can see, it does not make that much difference if you are a layman or a professional; this detailed step by step explanation is a sure way for you to successfully paint any concrete surface and enjoy your effort in years to come.



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