How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

How to Clean Your House Like a Pro
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    Ever wonder how someone got their house so clean, only to discover they hire a cleaning service?


It’s a pleasant thought–hiring a maid or cleaner. But for some of us, who would rather oversee precisely how their home is spruced up and take the chore on for ourselves, how can you get it that sparkling clean?

Where do you begin? And, what are some insider tips professional cleaners use?

From using newspapers on windows to wiping down the switch plates, here are a few expert pieces of advice on how to clean your house like a pro.

Make a Plan

Avoid cleaning in circles and make a plan. Start at one end of the house and work toward the other, ensuring you are not wasting time and doing double cleaning duty.

Also, work from top to bottom, starting with high areas where dust and cobwebs linger and ending on the floors.


Instead of tripping over toys or picking up as you go along, take time to declutter. Remove any obstacles from your cleaning path and place them in their respective rooms, closets or drawers. This way, you can clean much more efficiently.

Prepare a Cleaning Caddy

As you work from one end of the house to the other, make sure you don’t leave cleaning products behind.

Get yourself a caddy and fill it with an all-purpose disinfectant cleaner, wood cleaner, microfiber cloths, sponges, a scrub brush and gloves for protecting your hands from harmful chemicals. And don’t forget the broom, vacuum and mop.

Dust and Vacuum Everything

Before you begin, be sure to dust off everything. If you don’t, you may find yourself with a bigger mess and a cluster of dust bunnies when you spray everything down for a deep clean.

Use a vacuum’s hose attachment to reach ceiling fans and dust blinds, curtains and lampshades. Also, be sure to vacuum floors, carpet and corners.

Clean Windows

Some clear and clean windows can let in a lot of natural sunlight. But sometimes it’s hard to clean them without streaks which can sometimes look even worse. One pro tip for cleaner, streak-free windows is to use a slightly-abrasive, crumpled up newspaper to wipe up after the spray.

Switch Out Bed Linens

Switch out the bed linens early in the day. That way, they can be washed and dried by evening so you can make the bed before heading to sleep or put them away for the next rotation. One tip is always to keep a spare set of sheets, so you can switch them out without worrying about when the dryer is done.

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      some house cleaning ideas to consider      

Spray Down Bathroom Areas

Spray down all the bathroom areas, such as the shower and toilet, as well as the sinks and vanity. These areas accumulate a ton of germs, so spray and allow it to sit for a while if you can to truly decontaminate. Remove any rugs and throw them in the wash after the bed linens. 

Spray Down Shower Liners

While in the bathroom, spray down the shower liner. It may not be visible from the outside, but it doesn’t mean it should go neglected. While many people tend to throw out shower liners–replacing them with a new one–there’s a less wasteful method. Simply remove it from the rod and throw it in the wash with some towels. 

Degrease Kitchen Appliances

Appliances see a lot of grease and spills, so it’s essential to clean these, too. Clean out the refrigerator, spraying and wiping down the doors and interior. Also, spray down the oven and microwave.

If your stovetop has a built-in hood over it, be sure to wipe that down as well. One tip: If you have stainless steel appliances, make sure to wipe them in the direction of the grain so it is fingerprint-free.

Clean the Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink sees a lot of food and grime, so be sure to tend to this area of your kitchen. If it’s a stainless-steel sink, follow the grain as mentioned. If it’s a ceramic sink, wipe it down with an all-purpose cleaner. If your sink has a garbage disposal that has begun to smell, create a baking soda and vinegar mixture (or lemon) to pour down, cover and then flush with water. 

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      some kitchen sink ideas to consider      

Clean Baseboards, Molding and Light Plates

While you have the spray in hand, wipe down the baseboards, as well as door jambs and molding throughout the house, especially on corners we tend to miss. While you’re at it, clean the light plates, too. We touch these multiple times a day which often creates some grime and buildup.

Wipe Down Light Fixtures

As you clean, remember to wipe down the light fixtures, ceiling fans and any vents (like the light in the bathroom). Be extra careful with chandeliers and pendants with glass globes. Also, wipe down any bulbs like recessed lighting, if you can, to save on energy costs.

Clean Upholstery

While a lint roller is excellent for removing pet hair, it’s good to vacuum and steam clean all your upholstery every once in a while. Use your vacuum hose’s upholstery attachment to suck up any crumbs beneath or between the cushions. Much like a mattress, sofas and chairs in your living room seating area need to be cleaned. 

other valuable tips:

Clean Floors

Whatever flooring type you have, be sure to give it extra special attention, For bathrooms and kitchens with tile or LVP, use a microfiber cloth mop with a minimal amount of water. 

It’s also critical to clean and maintain your hardwood floors properly. Sweep with a soft hardwood brush head to remove debris. About once a week, use a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer (otherwise, it could void the warranty).

Never use excess liquid or a standard mop on hardwoods, as this could create water damage. Lastly, allow hardwoods to dry with fans or by opening the windows to let in a breeze.

Ready to Clean?

Hopefully, you have all the tips you need to tackle your home and clean it as thoroughly as a professional. Now get in there and put in that elbow grease!

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