Cleaning Tips to Make Your Upholstery Look New Again

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Upholstery Look New Again
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    Upholstered furniture is always in style and can contribute to any rooms' appearance.

    However, such pieces of furniture can be very difficult to maintain and keep clean, especially when you share your living space with pets, kids, or clumsy roommates.


We have gathered some cleaning tips to make your upholstery look new again and we hope you will find them useful.

Choose fabrics that are durable and easy to clean

With a proper choice of fabrics for your upholstered furniture, cleaning can be a piece of cake. For instance, if you opt for upholstery made of cotton or linen, you have to be prepared for stains that are not so easily removed.

On the other hand, choosing synthetic materials for your sofa or any other piece of upholstered furniture might save you some time you would otherwise spend on maintenance.

After you buy a piece of upholstered furniture, you should protect it against stains. Since upholstered furniture is quite a modern element of interior design, there are many products on the market that can be used for this purpose.

You should choose waterproof spray that is suitable for the material your furniture is made of. That proved to be very useful since it not only protects the fabric, but the soft padding underneath it as well. You can only imagine how practical this might be for families with children where spilling accidents occur almost daily.

upholstery cleanerwhite cleaning cloths

      some upholstery cleaning ideas to consider      

Let’s share this important cleaning tip with you now that we mentioned spilling – whenever some liquid ends up on your furniture, you should try to clean it with a clean, white piece of cloth. Do that by tapping and not by rubbing since such a process can make the stain even bigger and damage the fabric.

It is important that the cloth is white since colored one can cause the material to change the shade. Be persistent and change as many cloths as necessary until you get a completely dry one after tapping the previously wet surface on the upholstery. Once the area is dry, you can use a product for stain removal.

How to make a stain removing product at home?

Not every store-bought product is more effective than the ones we can make at home. For the one that can be used to remove stains from your upholstery and make your upholstery look new, you will need the ingredients you probably have in your cupboard.

Prepare some alcohol, white vinegar, and a few drops of essential oil. You can spray this mixture from time to time, even if there aren’t any stains to be removed – it is great for refreshing the furniture!

One more recipe for stain removal proved to be working. That is a combination of equal quantities of white vinegar and water.

Regular cleaning is crucial

Fabrics that are covering our furniture get in contact with dust and various types of dirt almost every day. Armrests, the seating areas and the places where we rest our head are the high-traffic areas that tend to get greasy and soiled quicker than the other parts of your upholstery.

Apart from being an ugly sight, such pieces of furniture can be rather unhealthy for you to rest on since they are home to many germs and all sorts of bacteria.

upholstery steam cleanerupholstery vacuum

      some deep cleaning ideas to consider      

Steam cleaning can be the perfect solution here since high temperatures kill germs and dry the cleaned fabric almost instantly. This is a great way to eliminate dirt from furniture before the new baby arrives. The only limitation is that it cannot be used on all sorts of fabric. 

Dirt tends to build up on materials that don’t get cleaned regularly. To avoid this, you should have all your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Of course, that is not enough to make your upholstery look new. Sofas, couches, chairs and other furniture we have at home should be dusted and cleaned at least once a week so that we know we are spending our time in areas that are free of harmful substances.

Vacuuming is the first step since it helps eliminate crumbs and particles of dirt accumulated on the surface of our furniture. After that, you can use the vinegar solution or the one with essential oils for some nice fragrance. 

Store the upholstery you are not using at the moment

Some furniture items are more sensitive than others, and you should treat them with more care. The same rule applies for storing the pieces you currently do not need and when moving.

You should keep your foldable chairs in your basement or on the attic so that you can reach them whenever you have guests over. But for upholstered furniture, you should find a storage facility to keep your items free from all sorts of dirt and mold that can harm them permanently.

It is very important to clean and dry your upholstery before putting them into any kind of storage facility. After that, you will be ready for moving household goods with ease knowing that your items are safe.

Rotate the cushions regularly

Even tear and wear of upholstery is important for its longevity. That is something that should be considered when buying a new piece of furniture – always choose those models that have cushions that can be flipped and rotated.

By doing this from time to time, you will avoid sagging of the seating areas and your furniture will be able to keep its shape for longer period of time. This is important for cleaning, too, since both sides of cushions will fade evenly (if the materials are prone to fading due to sunlight or cleaning routine).

decorative couch pillowscouch covers

      some couch ideas to consider      

How to eliminate the odor from your furniture?

If you need tips to make your upholstery look new again, you’ll also need advice on how to make it smell new as well. There is one very simple trick that can make your upholstered furniture smell-free.

Just sprinkle some baking soda on the surface of your bed, sofa, couch or a chair and leave for an hour. Vacuum thoroughly and repeat the procedure once or twice for even better results. This tip can be used for cleaning all sorts of carpets and mattresses.

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