How to Organize Junk for Easy Removal

How to Organize Junk for Easy Removal
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    Time for your spring clean? Has it been ages since you last decluttered your home?

    Well, what are you waiting for – the time to declutter is now.


As you certainly just pull out everything you don’t need anymore, it’s best to go about your endeavor in a more organized manner.

You’ll make it much easier for the junk removal to collect your undesirables.

How to get started

Decluttering your home in one go can be quite overwhelming. If time was not on your side and had someone give you a hand, you could share this approach a shot. But be aware it’s going to be more as if you’re running a marathon. Thus, it’s best to start small.  You have two options:

  1. Choose a designated area of one room to start. To avoid overthinking the decluttering process, set yourself a timer for 15 or 20 minutes.

    Try to be done within this timeframe. You won’t tend to keep more than you planned to let go of.

  2. Declutter one room after another. You can declutter each room on the weekend. If you have more time on your hands, you can declutter one space after another on each other day of the week.

Remain realistic with your approach and be honest with how much you can genuinely tackle within a given timeframe. Don’t set up yourself with a task too much for you to handle.

Create three piles

Whichever approach you choose for yourself, it’s best to remain organized in chaos. Start by pulling everything out of your cabinets and your shelves to arrange three piles after a thorough inspection.

Please also only clear out shelves and cabinets one by one. If you all in one go, you’re probably going to lose your motivation. Choose one to start with, clear it out, clean it, reorganize it. Once complete it

  1. 1: Keep Pile:

    Obviously, this will contain all items that you regularly use, which are still intact and functional. Don’t put this pile back into your shelves until you complete it.

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      some light hazards to consider      

  1. 2: Donate/Sell Pile:

    Anything that is still in good shape but that you haven’t used for at least a year and are unlikely to use at any time soon. If you want to sell some items, consider if you have the time to put them online or arrange a garage sale.

    Be prepared that you may not sell everything you intend to and that you may neither get the price you imagine. In case you don’t end up selling everything, put it to the donation pile and bring it to your chosen organizations.

  2. 3: Discard Pile:

    Put everything that broke, non-functional, and without any value onto this pile. This does especially go for piles of magazines, broken radios, empty paint cans, household cleaners, and other technological devices.

Please also only clear out shelves and cabinets one by one. If you all in one go, you’re probably going to lose your motivation. Choose one to start with, clear it out, clean it, reorganize it. Once finish it, you know that you can do it. It keeps you motivated to go ahead.


Organize the discard pile

You’ll make it much easier for the junk removal to take care of your garbage if you already organized it into particular categories. These are:

  1. Hazardous items
  2. Recyclable items
  3. Simple junk

Hazardous items concern batteries, car tires, motor oil, paint cans, household cleaners, computer items, old solar panels, broken mobiles, etc.

All of these items need to be handled with special care and are not allowed into landfills. They contain toxic materials that need to be removed with special procedures.

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Organize recyclable items onto another pile or into a separate box. It should contain anything that can obviously be recycled, such as glass, paper, plastic, or also metal. Once you’re on it, you can as well put all paper into one bin bag, plastic into another well as glass into its own box.

Simple junk concerns any trash that cannot be recycled or donated, such as old furniture and picture frames or lamps and mattresses.

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