How To Change Your Oil

How To Change Your Oil
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    Regular maintenance on your vehicle will give it a long life.

    One of the most important tasks you should complete every three months is changing the oil.


Here are the steps to do this.

Get the Supplies

Stop by your local lubricant supplier va to pick up the grease you will need. Purchase the rest of your items from the auto parts store.

If you are unsure of which oil your car requires, ask the staff to recommend one that is meant for the model you drive. They will also determine how much you will want to buy. Pick up an oil and air filter as well so you can install a fresh one.

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Get Started

Let your car idle for a little while to warm up the oil and move it through the engine. If you need extra room, put your car up on blocks at this point.

Gather an oil pan, rags, funnels and tools as well as change your clothes into something you are alright with getting dirty. Lay down pieces of cardboard beneath your vehicle to catch any spills.

Drain the Oil

Slide beneath your car and find the drain plug. Position the drain pan beneath it. Using a wrench, unscrew the plug until it comes off and the oil begins to flow. Try to keep your hands free of the stream since it will be warm.

Once it is finished, clean the area with a rag and replace the seal on the plug. Screw it back into place on the engine, tightening it to prevent any oil from leaking out.

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      some auto maintenance ideas to consider      

Changing the Oil Filter

While you are underneath the car, replace the oil filter as well if it is positioned there. Move the oil pan beneath it, then unscrew the filter to remove it. Drain the oil out of it into the pan then dispose of it. Check the o-ring to see if it needs replaced. Add a little lubricant before you twist it back into place.

Adding More Oil

Find where you need to pour the new oil into the engine and unfasten the cap. Using a funnel, slowly add the new product. Check how much the vehicle takes before you begin so you know how many quarts to use.

Once you are finished, turn the car on for a minute to process it through the automobile. Turn it off then look beneath the car for any leaks.

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