Choosing AC Repair Contractors – HVAC News

Choosing AC Repair Contractors – HVAC News
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    Did you know air-conditioners are known to reduce health problems like asthma attacks in both adults and children?


According to medical research because air-cons extract the humidity in a closed environment, they lower the number of allergens such as mildew, mold, dust mites and pollen from the outside grass or plants, from the air – things that can aggravate respiratory issues.

Changing the air-filters on these units is also essential to avoid bouts of attacks. You can learn more about this here.

With Michigan’s average daily temperatures getting up to 71 degrees (F), having air-conditioners are as popular in households and businesses as televisions.

Besides clearing the air of allergens, having a working air conditioner has so many other not-obvious benefits too.

Below are some of them:

  • 1. Well ventilated and cools you down while exercising

    There is nothing more irritating than sweat dripping down your spine while running on that treadmill because the room is too warm and there are no cool air options. Not to mention seeing someone’s sweat dripping onto an exercise machine at a gym, makes me want to walk in the other direction.

  • 2. Besides the obvious reason of cooling you down, you can also get better sleep

    Studies have shown that we actually sleep better in cooler conditions than in warmer ones. Some people go as far as to invest in ‘cooling mattress pads’ just so that they can sleep better, because this device helps absorb heat from your body while you sleep. It controls the temperature to make sure it’s at its optimal – thus you get better sleep. Air-conditioners do the same thing.

portable air conditionerdesk air conditioner

      some cooling room ideas to consider      

  • 3. Ever wondered why your computer tower gets louder the more you use it?

    Wonder no more, and invest in an air conditioner or cooling fan and you won’t hear another sound. Some of us nerds know a thing or two about computer fans, and we also know that they don’t always work the best in a warm environment or if you leave your tower on a carpeted floor for long periods of time.

    But what if you don’t have space to keep it elsewhere? Having one prevent your electronics from getting too hot, so investing in one of these to keep the surroundings cool, will help it from over-heating.

  • 4. Reduces the risk of Heat-Stroke or Dehydration

    In rooms where it is too warm, and chances of sweating are higher, we can feel less hydrated and the possibility of fainting is inevitable. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has advised that one of the many important factors in any building to keep away from heat-strokes, is an air conditioner.

Enjoying all the above benefits comes with some responsibility too. Making sure your air-cons are in their ideal working condition means the difference between breathing old/dirty air and clean/fresh air.

Not to mention your chances of getting sick are higher with an old or dirty unit, it can cause things such as dry eyes, respiratory problems like asthma (as mentioned above), infectious diseases, headaches, lethargy and more.

One other hidden issue of an ill-working unit, is coolant leakage – this is when the coolant inside the system starts to leak, something you cannot see immediately because it usually evaporates as a gas into the atmosphere – this is a health risk. 

air purifierHEPA air purifier

      some cleaner home ideas to consider      

Unless absolutely necessary – We would not recommend a DIY job. Hiring a professional HVAC Contractors who knows the ropes and has been doing it for that better part of their working lives, would be worth your while and not only save you time but also money.

Choosing the right contractor does not need to be too hard. Here are a few tips:

  • Look for one in your area that offers other services too, besides repairing your air-con unit.
  • A local and well-established service company would be a good choice. This heightens the chances of you having them in your phone book for any future services needed.
  • Reputation, Pricing and Availability are a few things to keep in mind. Do a comparison of three for instance.
  • Ask around, and you will find that word-of-mouth recommendations comes easily. People always recommend good contractors that either they would have personally used or know of someone who has.
  • A company that offers end-to-end services is your best bet: thorough diagnostics, repair, service, installation, good communication and quick turnaround times.
other valuable tips:

Signs to check for, that your air conditioner needs to be checked or the filters need to be changed can range from the effects it has on you. So if you have started to feel dizzy or nauseated for no apparent reason, or your skin has become dry including your nasal passages, you are starting to notice breathing problems, and perhaps are having symptoms similar to a cold, people who suffer from hypertension can start to get raised blood pressure in such environments.

As you can see it is of utmost importance to fix a broken air-con, and invest in maintenance thereof on a regular basis. In finding the right services, the hard work is already done.

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