What The Best Cordless Drill 2020 Should Have

What The Best Cordless Drill 2020 Should Have
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    Home repair and maintenance would require basic tools to ensure success, most especially drills used in driving screws and drilling holes.


A cordless drill is more preferred than a corded drill because it comes handy without needing to find an electrical outlet to power the drill.

A cordless drill is a basic power tool that every homeowner should have for simple to major home renovations. But what makes the best cordless drill nowadays?

In this post, you’ll learn what the best cordless drills this year should have, so you can make an informed purchase for your next new cordless drill.

Brushless Motor

Cordless drills today have evolved, benefiting from a brushless motor makeover. In the past, brushless motors were only reserved for contractor-oriented brands. Today they are available at reasonable prices.

Brushed motors run at the same speed, whether you are drilling a hole into softwood or hardwood. It drains the battery quickly, and it’s not power-efficient.

On the other hand, brushless motors have adjustable settings. It means that it automatically adjusts to the resistance level it encounters and uses less energy.

Brushless motor cordless drills have fewer moving parts. In addition, since they have no brushes, you’ll never need to worry about replacing them.

Power: Top-end Voltage

The best cordless drill 2020 should have a top-end voltage. Remember that the power of cordless drills is generally measured in the voltage of the battery.

In order to overcome resistance, a higher voltage is required, and most brands of cordless drills today have 9.6 to 18 voltage, powerful enough to bore big holes in framing flooring and lumber.

However, you’ve got to make a choice, balancing the required power and acceptable weight of cordless drill you can comfortably handle. It’s because of the greater the power, the heavier the weight of the drill.

For instance, a 9.6 volt drill usually weighs 3 1/2 pounds, while an 18 volt cordless drill model weighs up to 10 pounds.

T-Handle for Overall Balance

In the past, most drills had a gun-like handle or pistol grips. Nowadays, cordless drills have T-handle with base flares.

This type of handle prevents hand slippage and can accommodate a battery. It provides a better balance because the battery’s weight is in the center and so as the bulk of the motor, most especially for heavier cordless drills.

Adjustable Clutch

An adjustable clutch is located behind the chuck. A drill’s clutch disengages the drive shaft wherein if the preset resistance level is reached, and it will make a clicking sound. The screwdriver bit stops turning, but the motor is still running.

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Here are the good-to-know facts about the adjustable clutches of the best drills:

  1. A drill needs a clutch for greater control. In this way, the motor is protected from greater resistance, and you won’t strip a screw or overdrive when it is snug.
  2. The best drills this year have at least 24 settings, allowing you to fine-tune the power.
  3. The lowest settings are intended for small screws, whereas higher numbers are intended for larger screws.
  4. Cordless drills have a drill setting, driving the motor at full power.

Two-Speed Switch

Most cordless drills have two fixed speeds at 300 and 800 revolutions per minute (rpm) or rotating speeds.

Top-end drills have more speed at 1,000 rpm or higher, which are highly recommended if you need to do more hole drilling.

Here are some tips when checking a cordless drill’s two-speed switch:

  1. For light-duty operations, a trigger or slide switch allows you to choose between low or high speed. Driving screws use low speed while drilling holes require high speed.
  2. Select a cordless drill with the same two-speed switch with variable speed control for more refined repair and carpentry tasks.

Chuck Size for Power and Capability

Most cordless drills nowadays have a ½-inch chuck size or a ⅜-inch chuck size, which tells you about the upper limit that the bits’ shank size the cordless drill can accommodate and track of its power and capability.

Bigger bits cordless drills usually have wider shanks. That’s why a heavy-duty paddle bit used in a joint compound or mixing grout will not fit into a cordless drill with a small-sized chuck.

Nickel-metal-hydride Batteries

The best cordless drills in 2020 have nickel-metal-hydride or NiMH batteries. As compared to standard nickel-cadmium or Nicad batteries, NiMH batteries pose less hazard because this type of battery doesn’t contain cadmium, a highly toxic material.

Here are the good-to-know facts about new generation batteries in cordless drills this year:

Say Goodbye to Li-ion Batteries:

Early lithium-ion or Li-ion batteries used in cordless drills in the past would need to be used and charged under precise conditions for peak performance. However, the newest batteries of cordless drill this year and their chargers prevents overcharging.

No Draining Required:

You don’t have to drain the batteries fully between charges just to ensure a long life. Also, new chargers also include a light indicator, clearly displaying how close your cordless drill’s battery is to full charge.

Smart and Safe Charger

Do you mind if a cordless drill charger is fast charging? For home use, fast charging chargers aren’t always necessary unless you’re a contractor.

One drawback of fast-charging chargers is excessive heat generation, which can be a safety hazard. Before working on any project, consider checking drill safely using a safe charger and battery.

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However, if you want a speedy recharge, it is best to choose a smart charger that comes with a feedback circuitry and temperature sensors for battery protection.

With a smart charger, it provides battery charge in about minutes or even less without causing damage to your battery.

Useful Extra Features

It is a good idea to check if your prospective cordless drill comes with useful extra features.

While most cordless drills have built-in LED work light, you can buy a cordless drill with extra features such as hard-sided cases and belt clips.

There are also chargers that are capable of charging both 12-volt and 18-volt batteries at the same time. Also, a built-in LED flashlight is a useful feature to supplement dim light.

Quick Summary

Here are the important things to look for in a cordless drill:

  • Voltage:

    When it comes to more power or higher voltage, it also means added weight. So you have to strike a balance between the two.

  • Speed-range Switch:

    For drilling, choose a high-speed cordless drill. But also make sure that the drill has a decent low setting for driving screws. In short, aim for the widest speed range.

  • Clutch:

    Gain greater control when you drive screws with more settings.

  • Forward or Reverse Switch:

    Choose a cordless drill that is easy to operate. Your trigger finger and thumb should be comfortable enough during a drilling operation.

  • Trigger:

    Your index finger should fit around the trigger comfortably when you’re gripping the cordless drill. Bear in mind that variable speed provides the greatest control.

  • Hand Grip:

    The important aspects that help aid grip are contour and texture. That’s why it’s important to try the grip before buying a cordless drill.

  • Chuck Jaws:

    The maximum capacity of most drills is about 3/8 inches, and some 14.4 and 18 voltage drills can handle 1/2-inch bits.

  • Keyless Chuck:

    A keyless chuck hand-turning when opening and closing the chuck jaws.

  • Battery:

    As the saying goes, “Two are always better than one.” Choosing NiMH batteries help protect your batteries from overheating.

Three Configurations of Cordless Drills

One thing you have to understand is that cordless drills come in different configurations in which they are also being sold. They either come as a standalone tool, a part of cordless tools collection, or as a bare tool.

Here are the details of each configuration and some tips when choosing the best one for you:

  • Standalone Tool:

    It is a cordless drill configuration wherein one or two batteries are included as well as a dedicated charger. Choose this configuration if you don’t want any other power tool, and you only like to buy a drill.

  • Cordless Tools Collection:

    It’s a cordless drill that comes in a kit, along with other cordless tools. This configuration is highly recommended if you need other tools. Cordless drills that come in kits usually have an impact driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and a work light. Choosing this option provides you the most value because you can save a lot of money from the item cost and shipping price instead of buying them individually. Just make sure that the drill included is heavy-duty. Most kits include a charger and two batteries.

  • Bare Tool:

    It’s a cordless drill that doesn’t come with a charger or battery. This option is rarely advised, but if you have a compatible battery available from a different cordless power tool, then you’ll save money buying a bare cordless drill.


The best cordless drill this year has the best features and benefits that every homeowner or carpenter would need.

Get to drill holes and drive screws with the right power or top-edge voltage for heavy-duty drilling, adjustable clutch, two-speed switch, smart charger, and safe-to-use batteries.

Renovate your home, construct woodwork, or do repairs easily using a cordless drill.

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