Home Renovations To Complete Before You Move In

Home Renovations To Complete Before You Move In
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    So, you've found a wonderful new home and you will be moving in soon.

    That's great! However, using the time before you've moved in to do some renovations is often a very good idea.


Most homes aren’t perfect and they can be improved with a bit of time and effort invested. And, there is no better time for renovating than now!

Odors and dust appearing due to all the renovations taking place are often rather unhealthy, so it is best to keep you and your family out of their reach. What’s more, you won’t be risking spilling paint over your furniture, and the open space generally makes it easier to renovate.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the more useful move-in home renovations to complete before you move your family in.

#01 Repainting

The first among the important renovations to complete before you move in involves repainting your new home. When painting, you will need to be careful if you are using paint that is VOC-heavy (VOC stands for volatile organic compound), as these chemicals are rather unhealthy to breathe in.

The best thing to do is to buy paint with no VOC or at least paint with low levels of these dangerous chemicals. Still, the fact that you won’t be living there until the renovations are finished means that even paint with high levels of VOC won’t be as harmful as if you were breathing it in all day long (which doesn’t mean that buying different paint isn’t the right thing to do nevertheless).

look for: wall paint brush setlook for: paint trimmer edger

Before painting, you should first prepare the surfaces. Eliminate any moisture and mold that could have appeared, as well as any cracks you notice. Now, you are ready to repaint the home any way you see fit, personalizing it according to your taste and liking.

You should feel at home in your new living environment, and personally finding the perfect color when painting your home is very important in this regard. Grab some paint and get to work!

#02 Plumbing and Electricity

Your home’s essential systems, like plumbing and electricity, should work perfectly as soon as you move in, unless you want to be uncomfortable for days or even weeks before any possible issues with these systems are fixed. Also, you might have to tear down the walls or fix large equipment, which is much easier to do if you’re currently not living there.

look for: plumbing repair toolslook for: electrical tool kit set

Therefore, conducting a careful inspection as soon as possible will allow you to pinpoint any necessary renovations to complete before you move in. Overheating, short circuits, leaks – these are just some of the problems you may encounter that will need fixing.

What’s more, you could also encounter rusty pipes or useless valves that you will need to replace. So, get to work – there might be a lot of it, and you’ll want your plumbing and electrical wiring to function smoothly and without a hitch.

Making sure that there is nothing wrong with plumbing is one of the more important home renovations to complete before you move in.

#03 Appliances

Now, think about all the appliances that you will be using. Perhaps such devices in your new home will need to be fixed or even completely replaced. Be prepared to transport all appliances before moving. As there will likely be a lot of them, this could turn out to be a rather arduous task, so it’s a very good idea to plan ahead.

For example, for your kitchen only you may need a refrigerator, a coffee machine, a toaster, and so on.

look for: appliances kitchen packagelook for: small appliances

However, moving your devices and appliances isn’t the only problem you may face. You will also have to take space into consideration – where will each device be placed? Also, outlets are another thing to have in mind in this sense. If you are having a hard time transporting and placing all the appliances, don’t forget that you can hire outside, professional help to assist you.

#04 Security

Next, it’s time to think about security as well. It is much better to do this on time, before moving in, than to live in an unsafe home before you have managed to take care of security. Nowadays, plenty of security options exist that should make you and your family safe in your new home.

You can install an alarm system, surveillance cameras, security doors, shutters, motion sensor lights, etc. Even if there are already some security measures set in place, depending on the location, you may need to even further beef up security in your house.

look for: cctv cameralook for: wireless home security system

Unfortunately, adequate security often isn’t easily affordable and some families may struggle with saving enough funds to properly protect themselves from outside danger. Luckily, there are some good alternatives to a complete home security system.

Also, have in mind that burglars will hardly attempt a break-in if it seems like someone is home. So, creating the impression that you’re there even if that is not the case could protect you as efficiently as any home security system (which doesn’t mean that you don’t need one – on the contrary).

#05 Insulation

Finally, there’s a chance that your new home’s insulation will also need to be taken care of. Of course, proper insulation is very important, and not just because of the weather conditions, but also because it will make utility bills more bearable and it will make your home more energy-efficient. Therefore, you should make sure that there is nothing wrong with insulation before moving in, as you want the temperature to be just right once you have relocated.

look for: roll insulationlook for: home ventilation fans

Inspect the roof to see if any repairs are necessary. Then, check the front door to see if any upgrades are required before temperature loss is eliminated. You may also need to weather-strip the windows in order to ensure optimal insulation.

Final Thoughts on Important Home Renovations to Complete Before You Move In

After you have completed all of these home renovations and you have finally moved in, now is the time to relax and think of all the ways to unwind after settling in. There are numerous practical reasons why it is very useful to finish all of the move-in home renovations we’ve discussed. However, one other reason exists as well: just like the saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm".

other valuable tips:

As all home renovations to complete before you move in are finally behind you, all you need now is some additional strength necessary for the arduous process of unpacking. In the meantime, make yourself a hot beverage, have a seat in your favorite chair, and enjoy your new home!

And if you would like to comment regarding your move-in home renovations, please do so by sharing your ideas via your social networks.

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