Quick Tips for Decluttering Your Home Before Moving Day

Quick Tips for Decluttering Your Home Before Moving Day
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    Moving can be a chaotic process.

    Packing all your things into boxes, deciding what you need and what you don't, determining what you'll have space for in the new home—all of it can be quite stressful.


And let’s face it—a home filled with clutter is overwhelming. Make your life a bit simpler by decluttering your current home in the weeks and months leading up to packing and moving. Make your new place one of simplicity by following these five quick tips for decluttering your home before moving day. You won’t regret it!

Plan Out Where Everything Will Go

If your packing process involves simply throwing your belongings into random boxes, then you may want to change your strategy. It won’t help you much when you get to your new home and have no idea where any of the boxes need to go.

Before you even start packing, therefore, make sure you plan where things will go in your new home and pack items accordingly. For example, pack up your current master bedroom into the same boxes and label them “master bedroom.”

This way, you’ll know to take those boxes straight to the master in your new house. Plus, planning out ahead of time where items will go will help you decide whether or not you need specific items.

Start Using Extras

A great tip for getting rid of clutter in your home is to start using up any extra supplies now, which will make the packing and moving process much faster when the time comes.

Try to use those stockpiled household goods and toiletries now so that you don’t have to pack them later. You might think that having backup amenities makes it easier on you (no more late-night store runs), but these extras add a ton of clutter.

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Utilize the Four-Box Method

This is one of our favorite tips for decluttering your home. The four-box method involves keeping four boxes in each room as you pack your belongings. You should label the four boxes as follows: trash, give away, keep, and relocate. Place items into the appropriate boxes, and don’t skip a single item. This will help you determine what you truly need to keep for your new home.

Donate or Sell

As we noted above, one of your boxes should be a give away box. Once you’ve filled your boxes with items to donate or sell, you have to actually move forward with that. Schedule a donation pickup—a lot of charities would love to have those essential items you may not have use for anymore. Then, you can sell anything else you can’t donate. Getting rid of these unwanted items will help lessen the clutter in your home.

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Fill Up Trash Bags

Our last tip is quite simple—fill up trash bags. Before you even begin to pack, clean out your home. Toss out those things that have added a lot of clutter to your current house so that you can walk into your new home with the serenity of a clean and organized space.

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