11 Simple Swimming Pool Upgrades that won’t Burn a Hole in your Pocket

11 Simple Swimming Pool Upgrades that won’t Burn a Hole in your Pocket
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    A pool is believed to enrich us with excitement for several years. But nothing lasts forever.

    Do you feel that your backyard pool is no longer exciting? Do you find it dull?


Well, shine fades away with time and a similar thing happens with swimming pools.

We construct a swimming pool with the best available material and ideas but it gets outdated someday. What’s the solution to it? A pool renovation. Below are some cool and simple ways to upgrade your pool.

  • 1) Buy a slide

    If your kids and their friends spend time at your pool, the best way to add a fun element to it is by adding a pool slide. You have a wide variety to choose from like a simple slide that you see in the park or an adventure park slide (if you can afford one). Installation won’t take long and it will give your pool a brand new look.

  • swimming pool slide

  • 2) Add LEDs

    Installing modern LED lights will give a brand new feel to your pool. Installation of LED lights is cheap (you can DIY), safe, and their availability in different colors can easily match your personal color preference.

  • swimming LED lighting

  • 3) Pool resurfacing

    Pool resurfacing is a bit costly thing to do but it is surely worth it. It will completely transform the feel and look of your pool. Nowadays, there are different types of resurfacing materials available like glass beads, smooth pebbles, stones, etc. (if you don’t want the traditional plaster resurfacing). With help from an expert swimming pool services provider, such upgrades won’t take long.

  • swimming pool nets

  • 4) A robotic cleaner

    Sometimes your pool cleaner doesn’t work well after a few years. You have a high-tech alternative, an automatic robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners make swimming pool maintenance easier with scheduled cleanings. They can also be controlled by Bluetooth or remote control.

  • robotic pool cleaner

  • 5) Chlorinator

    Installing a chlorinator is the best new-age alternative to watching your tablet floater moving around. Install with the help of a few simple tools and ensure perfect dosing of your pool with chlorine.

  • swimming pool chlorinator

  • 6) A chemical monitoring system

    Advancements in technology are now also affordable, thanks to the disruption of the digital age. Pool owners can now afford an automatic chemical monitoring system. Some systems in the market are cheap and easy to install. Just connect the unit with your home network, install the mobile application, and drop it in the pool and voila!.

    You’ll be able to monitor the chemical balance of your pool directly from your smartphone as you’ll receive notifications in case of any chemical imbalance. This is the best way to avoid an out of balance pool beforehand.

pool test meterswifi pool monitor

  • 7) Automatic Water Leveler

    Modern pools have an automatic leveler to keep a check of the water level in the pool. It can be a simple pool upgrade to move to the age of automation. For this, your contractor will need to install a new line and connect it to the outdoor spigot, so the expense will be around £600-700 ($775-900 – which is relatively modest ).

  • automatic pool water leveler

  • 8) An outdoor barbeque

    If your pool area is also where you like to enjoy snacks, a poolside barbeque or a full-fledged kitchen set up can be the best upgrade you could ask for. You can install the setup according to your budget and requirement.

  • outdoor kitchen island

  • 9) Handrails

    You should definitely consider installing handrails to your pool. Modern-day handrails are powder-coated that prevent burning of hands when the temperature is high and also add to the safety and accessibility of the pool.

  • swimming pool handrails

  • 10) Fire-pit

    A pool is the place where you can spend the entire day but what about the evenings when the sun goes down? A fire-pit is the perfect feature to give a classy new look to your pool. You can also manage a cosy seating arrangement around the fire and invite your friends to spend the evening.

  • fire pit

  • 11) A waterfall

    Adding a waterfall to your pool suddenly gives it a luxurious feel. It will also give soothing sounds for you to relax and enjoy. If your home is near a busy road or a highway, masking the sounds of the traffic. You can get as creative as you want and choose from a wide variety of waterfall designs.

  • swimming pool waterfall

Final Thoughts

If you wish for a better pool, don’t waste time and give your pool a brand new look. These are some cheap methods to do so (considering the cost of building a new pool). Decide what you want, considering your budget and easily upgrade your pool. 

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