Sunday Morning Tip for July 28: 3 Gardening Tips for Recovering from a Severe Storm

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for July 28:</span> 3 Gardening Tips for Recovering from a Severe Storm
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    Cleaning up the aftermath of a severe storm is a great time to consider making incremental changes to your property to not only preserve curb appeal but also prevent damage in the future.


Depending on your insurance, some of these remodels may be covered by a claim through your policy. Here are three ideas to consider for updating your landscape after extreme weather passes through.

Replace Soil As Needed

According to Allotment & Gardens, flooding can not only damage the foundation of your house, but it may contaminate soil in your garden beds, or erode topsoil due to water movement. Floodwaters often contain pollutants such as raw sewage and oil that may be absorbed by your crops or fruit trees. It’s also important to replace any lost soil to prevent further erosion from even mild storms.

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Consider Removing Trees As Needed

As Kruse Tree Trim & Construction explains, major storms often result in significant damage, with trees on the property being a primary culprit. Limbs can be ripped off the trunk during high gusts of winds, causing them to become dangerous projectiles ready to smash into various structures or vehicles.

After a storm, take a look at trees around your house, taking special consideration for the root integrity or any shifting soil for trees that may cause property damage by falling directly onto structures. You may want to consider removing them or at least replacing them with younger trees if you notice any soil shifting, leaning or uncovered roots. Trimming tree limbs should also be part of your year-round storm preparation.

Add Extra Drainage Where Needed

After a storm, you should take note of any spots in your yard where water collects excessively and plan for some modifications to help prevent those problems in the future. Mid South Irrigation & Landscape says that if you notice your yard gets oversaturated after some rain in one area due to a slight slope, then installing a French drain might help the water dissipate without it pooling on the top.

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You can also consider adding a rock bed by any downspouts from your gutters to give water a protected pathway to flow down the storm drain. Not only do they keep your yard visually interesting by breaking up foliage, but they can also protect against erosion and soil loss.

Remodeling your garden after a hurricane, tornado, severe flooding or other natural disasters can help protect the structural integrity of your home for years to come. Not only can they provide preventative measures to protect against flooding or water damage, but they can also add value by brightening your space.

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