Sunday Morning Tip for May 12: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Exterior Fit Your Climate

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for May 12:</span> 4 Ways to Make Your Home Exterior Fit Your Climate
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    Whether it is beating the cold or hot climate, your house can be designed to control the conditions inside the home naturally.


Little known to people, some materials and decisions highly determine the atmospheric conditions in your home and may be the reason why you receive high energy bills from relying on heating and cooling systems. Here are a few exterior fits to help you home survive through climates.

Paint Color

The color you choose to paint your home may either favor heat absorption or reflection. Dark and dull colors absorb up to 70% of the sun’s radiation which transfers to a home, warming it up. On the other hand, bright colors reflect the sun’s radiant energy which helps keep home cool naturally. If you live in hot climates, you will consider bright colors to cool your home. If you live in cold climates, you will choose dull colors to absorb heat and warm your home.



The color and material of your roofing affect the interior conditions of your home. Traditional roofing materials are known to be notorious for allowing at least a third of unwanted heat into your home. With hot climates, you might want to apply a reflective coating that will repel the sun’s heat. Metal roofing reflects the sun’s radiant energy by applying asphalt-based coats that contain glass fibers. Choose dull colored roofs in cold climates to retain the little sun’s heat received.

Building Materials

The type of building material used highly determines the condition of your home. For instance, brick and concrete walls are efficient in keeping the interior of a home cool during hot climates. They also help your home stay warm during cold weather. Bricks and concrete walls are heavy weight material. They naturally soak up the heat and hold it for prolonged periods hence slow warming processes during hot weather and slow cooling processes during cold climates. Light building materials lose and absorb heat quickly which explains the extreme cold during winter and extreme heat during summer.


Selecting Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are a significant source of leak in houses. Large doors and windows that can be sealed appropriately are the best for any climate. During hot weather, doors and windows can be opened to let in air and balance the warmth. During cold weather, windows can sneak in sunlight to warm up the interior of the house before the cold kicks in. For windows that face the west, consider getting shutters to help block the sun and keep your home cooler during the hot months.

As a homeowner, you may want to pay attention to these exterior fits to help you maximize on controlling the interior conditions of your home. This also saves you a few dollars from cutting on heating or cooling costs. These updates will also protect the exterior of your home and keep it looking nice for years to come.

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