Shed Plans and Tips For Building a 16×10 Gable Shed in Less Than a Week

Shed Plans and Tips For Building a 16×10 Gable Shed in Less Than a Week
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Many people want to get more storage space and utility out of their homes, and this makes home improvement projects that help add space and functionality some of the most popular. There are several different ways to pursue a more efficient home in this regard, but one of the easiest is the addition of a new shed.

Some may feel overwhelmed by the challenge of building a brand-new storage facility or shed from scratch, but it is much easier than you think. Rest assured, you can build a new shed in your spare time in less than a week.

Continue reading to find out how you can break ground and finish the job in under seven days.

Gather Your Inventory/Supplies List

The first thing you’ll need to build a shed quickly is an understanding of which supplies are necessary. From lumber to screws and joists, a complete inventory list is absolutely essential. 

Many people are opting to purchase complete shed plans to make this part of the job easier, such as this 16×20 gable storage shed plan from

We can’t stress enough the importance of a good set of plans. They will tell you everything that you need to know so that there are no surprises when you go to buy supplies or join the pieces of wood together.

Without a good plan, building a shed is much more difficult, but with one, it is very easy for people of all skill levels.

Once you have a complete list of supplies, you’ll be able to quickly determine both the cost of the project and where you need to shop to get each item on the list. Ultimately, you’ll want to make as few trips to the hardware store or home improvement center as possible, so carefully review and double-check what you need before getting started. You’ve heard the old adage of “measure twice and cut once”. Think of this as “Check your list twice and shop once”.

Go to the Hardware Store

Once you’re ready to head out shopping, be sure that you consider the policies and prices of each particular store. With a complete list of supplies on-hand, you’ll be able to easily get assistance from a store employee who can help procure all needed materials.

Another reason why it is so important to shop around is because of the lumber or wood that you’ll need. Some major chains will cut your lumber down to size and provide you with all of the needed pieces if you already have measurements. This can save you hours of time on the project and will ensure that each piece is cut properly. Of course, you can also do all of the cutting yourself.  It’s up to you and what you feel comfortable with.


Prepare the Foundation

Ideally, any foundation or ground where the shed is to be built will have been leveled and prepared in advance. Because of inclement weather and other unseen challenges, you’ll want to take care of this process in advance.

This matters because of the installation of deck piers: most sheds are built with these foundational supports secured in the ground with concrete. Since it can take some time for the concrete to cure, you don’t want to waste multiple days waiting for this to happen once you’re ready to build.

Build Segments Concurrently

The basic segments of a garden shed consist of:

  • Your foundation and floor made of pressure treated timber.
  • Wall structures (Again use pressure treated lumber) You can also use wall studs, headers, plates, cripple studs and L joints to assemble the parts.
  • The roof. (The roof consists of trusses, plywood sheathing, roof felt and shingles)

One easy way to save time and ensure you can build any basic shed within a week is to focus on each element of the process at once.

For example, the walls of your shed will require the same type of construction, materials and repetitive motions to construct. Rather than building one segment at a time and then subsequently installing each individually, focus on constructing all four walls back-to-back. Once completed, it’ll be easier to raise each shed wall and install them quickly.

This ensures that you do not constantly get in and out of rhythm when it comes to building each portion of the shed, and will make the building process more efficient.

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Ask for Help

For bigger shed projects, it may not be possible to construct an entire building in one week’s time if you are only capable of working a few short hours per day. Instead of languishing on the project for weeks or months at a time by yourself, ask for a helping hand!

Whether you get help from family members or friends who may be willing to assist, it is not impossible to get your new shed built in just a few days. This can help shave many hours of time off of your project.

There are many benefits to having a shed in the yard. You may be looking for a private work space or storage area, but either way it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take forever to assemble a new shed in your back yard. By asking for help, building segments in an orderly fashion, planning your purchases carefully and being prepared when build time comes, you’ll be able to wrap up most shed construction projects in a week or less.

The basic tools that you will need for this project are:

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