Sunday Morning Tip for March 31: Prepare Your Home for Warmer Months

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for March 31:</span> Prepare Your Home for Warmer Months
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    Getting ready for summer doesn’t simply mean getting a base tan and buying new sandals.

    Spring is the absolute best time to do an audit of your home in order to prepare yourself for the warm months of summer.


These 4 tasks will help you get back to focusing on a day at the beach, not worrying about a major home repair.

Service Your Air Conditioner

Your home’s AC service is the only thing standing between you and the stifling heat of summer months. Spring is the best time to fully check your air conditioning system and to service any minor issues that may need repairs. Each spring you should change your AC filter (this also reduces cost to operate), run the AC to see how well it works, check each room’s AC vents, and bring in a professional to tune up your AC if needed.

Inspect Your House’s Exterior and Roof

The spring months are the perfect time to spend a few hours meticulously checking your home’s roof and the exterior. Damage to your home’s roof and exterior is far more likely to occur during the cold months of winter, rather than warmer months. Take the time to look for missing shingles on the roof, rust development, cracked caulking, and paint chipping.


Finding minor issues that occurred during the winter will allow you to fix them during warmer months before they become major problems. Spring is also the perfect time to invest in pressure washing your house. An annual pressure washing can be a big benefit in keeping your home’s resale value at its peak.

Service Your Major Summer Tools

Warmer weather may mean the season of sunshine, lake trips and barbeques. However, it’s also the season of yard maintenance. Spring is a great time to tune up tools to make sure they are in prime shape to tackle summer yard maintenance.

Clean all your major tools and replace the gas on any gas-powered tools that have been sitting stagnant over the winter. Lubricate any tools with moving parts and inspect any tools that use cords for frays. Turn every tool on and off to double-check that they are in good working order. Don’t forget to clean your hand tools and lubricate any smaller tools that have hinges.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Pristine

Your home’s windows have done their job of keeping the cold out over the winter months. It’s important to make sure your windows have fared well through the harsh winter. Check each window for signs of dry rot, cracks from ice or water damage from snow melt.

Re-caulk any damaged seals around the windows to make sure they keep the hot air of summer out and keep the cool air provided by your ac service in. Finally, deep clean each window inside and out. Annually deep cleaning your windows will help prevent the chance that minor damage leads to needing to replace windows altogether.

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