Home Remodel: 5 Lighting Options You Should Consider

Home Remodel: 5 Lighting Options You Should Consider
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    One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make during a remodel is failing to take lighting into consideration during the planning stage.


This error leaves many homeowners stuck with inadequate or expensive lighting. To make certain that your next remodeling project is complete, add these five lighting options to your plan before you begin:

Natural Light

Windows facing the sun help decrease electrical lighting and heating costs. All windows brighten rooms and hallways and make them seem larger. As a result, you should always consider adding windows to windowless walls when remodeling.

It’s also important to take into account the expected amount of sunlight by season when choosing light fixtures so that you’re investing in fixtures that supplement rather than replace natural light sources.

LED Bulbs

After the death of traditional incandescent bulbs, manufacturers turned primarily to halogen, compact fluorescent and light-emitting diode alternatives. LEDs currently offer the best lighting options and come closest to traditional incandescent. CFLs typically have a cold light, take a few seconds to reach their promised brightness and sometimes have an annoying hum.

Although halogen bulbs offer more visual warmth and an incandescent style, they pose a serious fire risk and use more energy. LED bulbs offer a wide range of warm and cool tones. They also cost less to use and last longer.

Open Fixtures

If you’re installing new fixtures or remodeling in areas that have enclosed fixtures, it’s time to switch to open styles. Although LEDs are designed to produce less heat than other alternatives, many LED bulbs heat up too much inside of enclosed fixtures, which reduces their estimated lifespans. Overheating can also cause damage. Enclosed incandescent-shaped LEDs do exist, but they’re typically far more expensive than open fixture LEDs.

Smart Components

When planning the lighting for your remodeling project, you should always consider ways to use lights more efficiently. Smart components like whole, room and socket timers and remote apps can prevent you from wasting energy. For example, with Wi-Fi and internet tied into a home smart system, you can schedule nighttime, indoor security and even plant or fish tank lights to turn on or off at preset times. If you forget to turn off a table or floor lamp before going out, you can also use a remote app to turn off the power to the associated electrical socket.

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Backup Power

Any lighting choices you make won’t matter if you fail to have electricity during or after a storm, blackout or other type of outage event.

If you don’t own a home generator, a remodeling project gives you a great excuse to install one. After all, messy and time-consuming construction is already taking place. A wide range of generator options exist.

Most modern generators are built with sleek designs that save space, rust-resistant metals and double enclosures to protect against moisture erosion and features that make them run quieter than older models.

As you can see, a partial room, addition or whole-home remodeling project offers you the perfect opportunity to improve the lighting within your home. If you choose some or all of these options during your next remodel, you won’t merely reduce long-term utility and lighting-related expenses. You will also make your home a more expansive, bright, inviting and comfortable space.

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