Garage Sweet Garage: 4 Simple Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Car’s Home

Garage Sweet Garage: 4 Simple Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Car’s Home
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    Your garage offers more than just space where you can keep your car.

    It's an extension of the home that can be used for storage, a place to hang out, or as a space to spend time by yourself.


If you follow a few simple tips you can declutter and organize your garage so that it’s easy to find the things that you need.

Upgrade the Walls

A slat wall can be used to hang tools and other items instead of leaving them on counters or in boxes. You can attach small baskets to the slat wall to hold items like spray bottles, gloves, and containers that are too small to keep on a counter or shelf. Slat walls are also great because you can extend the wall so that you can hold as many items as you need for more organization. A pegboard wall is also an option and is sometimes better for hanging small hooks.

Lockers and Cabinets

Old lockers and cabinets that you no longer use can be converted into more storage. Each person in the family can have their own space for the items that they want to store. Put the cabinets on the walls with the doors removed to store small tools and baskets with the items that you need while working on projects.

Smaller storage units or racks can be placed above the garage door for those items that you don’t use frequently. Larger cabinets can be used along the walls as well so that you have a surface to work on as well as storage underneath by using the drawers and shelves inside the cabinet spaces.

When you position cabinets and lockers in the garage, consider letting a company like Plano Overhead Garage Door, or a similar company in your area, to perform any repairs that are needed or to install a new door that gently raises in a manner that doesn’t interfere with your storage system.

Toss What Isn’t Needed

Although it might take an entire day, remove everything from the garage and then sort through all boxes and containers getting rid of the items that you no longer need. You can have a yard sale to make money from these items, or you can donate them to someone in need. As you get rid of the items that are no longer needed you free up space to organize what you actually want to keep in the garage.

Use Old Containers

Instead of throwing away gum containers, coffee canisters, and other items that can be used for storage, wash them out and remove the labels so that they can be used in your garage. Smaller containers can be used to keep nails, washers, and bolts sorted. Larger canisters are an option for tape, screwdrivers, and similar items.

Your garage is often a place that’s overlooked. When it’s organized, it’s easier to find the things you need for projects and for the home. With a few easy steps, you can achieve organization while still keeping room for your car.

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