Subtle Styling: 3 Small Renovations with A Large Aesthetic Impact

Subtle Styling: 3 Small Renovations with A Large Aesthetic Impact
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    While some homeowners may invest thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars into a home renovation project, you may have a far more limited budget for improvements.


You understandably want to get the maximum results possible for the funds that you have available. If you are interested in making affordable improvements that will give you a great bang for your buck, consider making some of these updates to your home soon.

Focus on Your Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchens are often a problem area for homeowners. This is because they largely have built-in features that require a major renovation to update. While you may not be able to afford to update your entire kitchen right now, replacing the backsplash may be an affordable alternative. Because the backsplash is close to eye level and takes up a large portion of wall space. You will enjoy eye-catching results from this renovation without emptying your bank account.

Renovate Your Shower or Tub Area

Just as the built-in features in your kitchen may become outdated over time, the same holds true for the features in your bathroom. While you can also invest in a new backsplash around your tub or in your walk-in shower area, you can also update your shower screen to enjoy even greater results on a dime. A company like Southern Splashbacks & Showerscreens could do both for you. Because of the large size of these features in your bathroom, their style and condition can dramatically impact the overall style and ambiance in your space. Therefore, updating this dominant feature in your bathroom can yield exceptional results on a dime.

Pay Attention to the Entryway

Your entryway, including your patio and front door, may be a focal point to your property’s curb appeal. In addition, it can set the tone of the décor throughout the home when guests visit you because it is the first space that they see. Repainting or staining a front door that currently is showing age or wear may be effective; or you could replace the door entirely if necessary. You can also replace your patio light fixture, power wash the patio and buy a new welcome mat. These are affordable steps to take that can make a real impact on your home’s style.

These are all relatively simple and affordable changes that you can have lasting and beneficial impacts on your home. Determine which of these projects may be most relevant to your home currently. Begin planning how you will complete the updating project for this area.

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