Creature Comforts: How to Create a Cozy Living Room

Creature Comforts: How to Create a Cozy Living Room
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    If you are looking to create a cozy environment in your very own living room, there are many things you may want to consider.


Doing a variety of the below ideas allows you to create a cozy space while also showing your unique personality.

Grow Plants

There are many types of indoor plants you can easily grow in your living room. Using plants naturally purifies the air while helping to de-stress the environment. English ivy does a great job of removing pollutants from the air while being incredibly easy to grow. If your living room has tall ceilings, then consider adding vertical height to your living space with a rubber tree. Keep the oxygen levels more stable in your living room by growing a snake plant as they release oxygen at night when most plants do not.

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Use Essential Oils

Make sure you never experience nasty or stale, lingering odors in your living room by using essential oils. Combine 10 drops pine oil and 10 drops silver fir with one tablespoon vodka. Place the mixture in a spray bottle allowing you to use it as a room spray. Alternatively, doTERRA recommends you combine 10 drops of your favorite oil with a box of baking soda. Sprinkle it on the living room carpet allowing it to sit awhile before you vacuum it up.

Paint Your Walls

Measure down several inches from the ceiling and draw a line. Paint the area above the line a darker warm color while painting the area below the line a slightly lighter color. Consider using marigold, the lightest pink, or salmon to create a cozy living room vibe. You could even go with blues or greens if that suits you better.

Choose the Right Furniture

In order to create a cozy living room, consider eliminating coffee tables and use ottomans instead. They look warm and inviting in a way that a coffee table never can look. If you have a large living room, then consider dividing it up into small seating areas by using console tables. Add texture, color, and warmth to your living room by using throw blankets and accent pillows. These items are a great way to add a pop of color in drab living rooms as well.

Let the Light Shine

Create a cozier looking living room by letting the natural light in as much as possible. Use table lamps to create task lighting. Consider adding ambient light to your living room as well like string lights or a colored lamp shade.

There are many ways to make your living room look cozier. Following these ideas will help you create the environment you want.



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