Sliding Door Ideas That Rock!

Sliding Door Ideas That Rock!
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    There are two primary styles for patio doors today: French doors (swinging) and sliding doors.

    Both offer their own specific advantages, and both can enhance the beauty and energy efficiency of your home.


In this post, we’ll focus on sliding doors: why they’re a great option and how you can find the best sliding door for your home. Additionally, we’ll provide some tips to help you maximize the aesthetic and functional potential of your sliding doors, so read on!

Why Choose a Sliding Door for Your Home?

Sliding patio doors open and close along a horizontal track. Sliding patio doors are a good choice for areas where floor space is limited either due to the size of the room or the presence of furniture and other obstacles. This is because unlike French patio doors, a sliding door does not swing open, and therefore does not require any clearance to open or close.

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Sliding doors are great for areas where space is limited and a swinging door would be inconvenient.

Additionally, sliding doors are generally less expensive than French doors, and suit modern-style homes better too.

How to Choose a Sliding Patio Door: Factors to Consider

To fully reap the benefits of a sliding door, you need to do your research before making a purchase. Take i these factors into consideration to make an informed decision:

  • Style:

    Many homeowners choose sliding doors because of their aesthetic appeal. When choosing a patio door, you must take into account the architectural design of your home and choose a product that complements it.

    Typically, sliding doors have panels composed of a huge, single piece of glass, making for a contemporary appearance. However, you can also choose among different customization options, such as lite patterns, to better reflect your own style preferences.

    Just make sure to work with a door provider or contractor that offers customization options and services.

  • Glass Features:

    Sliding doors are composed mostly of glass, so you need to make sure you’re choosing high-quality glass. It is important that you get low-emissivity (low-e) glass, which will reflect external heat and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays away from your home, making your home more energy efficient.

    You should also choose double-pane glass that has gas fills–instead of regular air–for better insulation. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about energy inefficiency that is often associated with glass doors. If you want more privacy, you may also want to consider tinted or textured glass.

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    SIMPLE BUT ELEGANT: Sliding doors are typically minimalistic in appearance, but when chosen carefully, they can greatly enhance a home’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Functionality:

    Functionality covers four main aspects: durability, ease of operation, maintainability and security. You want a door that will remain functional for many years, so it needs to be highly durable. To make the most of your investment, choose a model that requires very little maintenance so you won’t have to deal with tedious door repairs and ongoing maintenance over the years.

    High-quality sliding doors require very little maintenance–you just need to lubricate the tracks periodically and make sure they are free of dust and debris Finally, check for sufficient locking and security features.

  • Aesthetics:

    Last, but certainly not least, you should carefully examine the door’s aesthetic appeal–which is determined by everything from the quality, color and finish of the door frame and glass.

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Sliding Door Ideas for Enhanced Aesthetics and Function

Although typically minimalistic in appearance, sliding doors are also flexible enough to complement any architectural design, not just that of modern homes. Here are some ways you can enhance a sliding door’s aesthetics and function.

  • Colorize:

    You can select tinted door glass, which will help make the door either stand out or blend in with the rest of the home. For instance, if you have a neutral home motif, choosing a bluish tint for the door makes for an uplifting addition. You can also explore frame color options if you want to leave the glass transparent.

  • Texturize:

    You can select textured glass to enhance your privacy.

  • Play with patterns:

    If you find the look of plain glass overly minimalistic, you can choose to have muntins installed. There are various grille patterns that you can choose from to build glass lites. Lites also provide you with an opportunity to play with light and shadow patterns!

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    Sliding doors make for a perfect way to enclose a certain part of your home while still allowing for a fluid transition into other rooms.

  • Take it indoors:

    Sliding doors are typically used as patio doors, but they can certainly be used indoors as well. You can use them to divide rooms in your house, like the dining room and the living room.

  • Tear down the walls:

    If you’re installing patio doors on an outdoor structure like a pool house, sliding doors can be used as walls. They’ll give the area an open layout that’s ideal in the summer, while still providing adequate protection on rainy or snowy days.

As long as you know what your options are, and what factors to consider, you’ll have no problem choosing a sliding patio door that will enhance your home in many ways. Just make sure to work with a reliable door contractor that offers outstanding products, customization options and services.

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