The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Renovating Your Home

The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Renovating Your Home
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    Renovating a home is a big undertaking.

    There will be a lot of advice thrown around, and listening to that advice is natural.


If the plan is to update a room or do a major renovation that involves numerous rooms, appliances, flooring and various other details, there are ways to get into the project and ways to avoid when starting a big change. People will be willing to tell the home owner just about anything in regard to the project.

There will be a lot of advice thrown around, and listening to that advice is natural. Wanting to accomplish a big project alone is also natural, as home owners tend to be territorial and want to handle repairs and changes on their own to have something to be proud to share with visitors in the future.

However, there are certain aspects of home renovation that the average home owner should not attempt to handle on his or her own. Those aspects involve big changes to layout, adding on rooms or other major design adjustments.

If Someone Says This, Don’t Listen

The absolute worst advice a home owner can receive when considering a renovation is to skip hiring a contractor. Handling all aspects of a renovation on one’s own, unless they are a contractor as a profession, never ends well.

Indeed, even contractors sometimes find it easier to hire someone else for portions of a renovation. This allows them to step back and view the project from a different perspective, since there are fresh eyes involved. Doing things a certain way can be helpful or it can hinder the overall project. Therefore, hiring a contractor that approaches a project differently may save money or time if an alternative approach is found to be the better way to go.

Think About the Money

Cost is a significant concern when it comes to hiring a contractor. However, weigh the cost of hiring a professional at the beginning – and taking the time to make sure you aren’t being scammed by said contractor – against spending the same time and significantly more money to have issues fixed that are caused when you attempt the work on your own. More than likely, the proactive approach is going to seem more logical and cheaper.

Consider the Permits and Details You’ll Miss

A renovation can seem very straightforward. You need paint, cabinets, fixtures, appliances… You make a list. You purchase items on the list and come home to get started. However, you have already missed a crucial step. That step is acquiring the appropriate permits to do work on your home.

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Remodeling Your Home On a Budget


If you are midway through a project and the local code enforcement stops you to make sure the appropriate permits are in place and the procedures being followed, you may have to live with a partially finished home for some time to get everything figured out. Likewise, you may miss a seemingly unimportant detail at the beginning of the project that causes a landslide of other problems as your work progresses. Working with a contractor may have helped to avoid such an issue.

If you still aren’t sure about hiring a contractor, talk to real estate agents from a company like, as they can steer you in the right direction for your home needs.



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