5 Expensive And Often Ignored Ways Homes Can Become More Eco-Friendly

5 Expensive And Often Ignored Ways Homes Can Become More Eco-Friendly
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    Ask someone to come up with a half dozen eco-friendly ideas for their home and you'll hear the usual suspects.

    Things like saving water, recycling garbage, and growing vegetables are some of the only things they can muster up.


The reason they are repeated so much is because they’re cheap and anyone could do them. All the big projects seem to get ignored, which is a shame because they’re equally as important.

Let’s take a minute to remind ourselves of a few examples.

  • Install Low-E Windows At Home

    Once the weather starts to get hot rooms inside your home will begin to heat up. The way you prevent it now is by turning on the air conditioning unit. When it’s cold in winter you do the opposite by turning on your central heating.

    If you install Low-E windows throughout your home you’ll use your air con and central heating far less often, because the glass reflects infrared energy. Replacing your windows is already expensive and these cost more.

  • Use Energy Efficient Appliances

    Even though they’ve not been around for long, I’m sure everyone is aware of the latest and greatest Energy Star appliances. Some of the new smart ones go above the call of duty to perform excellent tasks.

    For example, you’ll get washing machines connected to the grid that turn on when it’s more productive to do so. If you want a big green project you could replace all the old energy vampire appliances with eco-friendly alternatives.

  • Build A Steel Kit Home

    Steel is one of those environmentally-friendly metals everyone loves because it’s completely recyclable, but when used in buildings you’ll be waiting a while because it can outlive many generations.

    There are numerous other real time benefits too, such as being termite-proof and handling fires. If you need a granny flat in your garden, you’ll need to look into steel kit homes when you’re designing one.

  • Create Your Own Energy

    Creating your own energy isn’t cheap when starting out, but it will pay dividends in the future. One common example used is solar panels that capture energy from the sun. Wind turbines aren’t uncommon even though they’re smaller than industrial models.

    You can even harness power from the ground using geothermal energy. The easiest way to explain it would be to say it uses a pump to extract energy from deep underground to heat and cool your home.

  • Replace Old Water Heaters

    Everyone is usually scared when something goes wrong with their water heater because they’re expensive to fix. They’re also extremely inefficient because of how they work even if your one isn’t starting to break down yet.

    It would be wise to make the switch to tankless water heaters sooner rather than later. They heat up the water when you turn the faucets on, so don’t have to keep a giant tank of water at a predetermined temperature all day.

  • These Aren’t Little Projects

    The things we’ve spoken about today aren’t little projects you can get up and running quickly with no capital. But if you are ready to invest in an eco-friendly home they’re worth looking into. There is only so much good you’ll be able to do by reusing water you wash your vegetables with and using a programmable thermostat.

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