Quick Checklist:     Making 6 Small Home Improvements to Help Your House Last Longer

<span>Quick Checklist:    </span> Making 6 Small Home Improvements to Help Your House Last Longer
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    Your home is your castle, but that castle can crash down around you if it isn't maintained properly.

    A few simple maintenance measures can ensure that your home lasts as long as you care to live in it.

  • Painting

    If you live in a climate where sun, storms or climate conditions erode your paint quickly, paint as frequently as needed and check often for areas needing touchup. With wood siding especially, even a small unprotected area can let in moisture, mold, and mildew that can rapidly spread. Choose the best quality paint you can afford.

  • Roof Maintenance

    Cleaning your roof yearly can increase its life span by several years. Inspect your roof frequently for damage. Go into your attic and inspect the wood for signs of water leakage. Repair all damage as quickly as possible before it affects your ceiling and walls.

  • Pest Inspection and Treatment

    Termites destroy plenty of homes each year, making them a force for many homeowners to reckon with. Other pests can also damage your home, such as mice, rats, roaches and ants. Monthly treatments for insects and yearly pest inspections can keep your home pest-free.

  • Leak and Dampness Repairs

    Cracks in your sheetrock, floors, lopsided windows and doors, water in the basement and sloping floors are all signs of foundation damage. To prevent these problems, consider having your home waterproofed by foundation repair specialists, like those at Safe-Guard Waterproofing. Check frequently for anything signaling water intrusion and have small leaks repaired before they become big problems.

  • Electrical Inspections

    Electrical wiring doesn’t last forever, and needs to be inspected at least yearly to ensure it is up-to-code, safe and working properly. Rodents and other pests can damage wires without you even knowing, putting you in danger of a house-destroying fire. Signs of damaged or worn wiring are flickering lights, a buzzing sound or the smell of wires burning.

  • Leaky Doors and Windows

    Doors and windows are the place most of the outside gains entrance into your home. If you have old, drafty wood-frame windows, caulking or weather-stripping can help with air intrusion. Check for air leaks around your doors and add weather-stripping if necessary. Moisture that gets into your house from leaky doors and windows can seep into woodwork and walls, shortening their lifespan.

A house doesn’t take care of itself, and regular maintenance is often much less expensive than repairs. Regular inspections can spot small problems before they become something major requiring a lot of time and money. Keep an eye out for anything you consider unusual and perform repairs immediately to give your home its longest lifespan.

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