Six Common Problems Often Seen In Newer Homes

Six Common Problems Often Seen In Newer Homes
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    When you get something new, you want it to be perfect.

    However, even a brand new house is going to have some issues that will require repairing. Most of the issues are minor.


Serious issues can be the result of improper building techniques or inspection processes utilized in the construction of the newer home. Here are six common problems homeowners of newer homes commonly experience.

Minor Crack Formation on Interior Walls

The first year a home exists, the materials it is made of goes through a moderate change in moisture level. New lumber from the lumber yard dries significantly through the first year after construction. The moisture loss results in dimensional changes in framing lumber. It is expected to happen. You should arrange at least a one year warranty for such repairs.

Door and Window Problems

The house settles, and the moisture content of wood stabilizes. This can result in doors that rub or windows that stick. Windows that have multiple layers of glass may have a few panes that show condensation between the glass. The warranty on the windows should cover replacement. Condensation forming on the inside of glass is an interior humidity issue that is corrected through HVAC.

Hot Water Issues

Water that is too hot or too cold for the typical daily usage is common. Water temperature desired for washing clothes and showering may be perceived to be too hot or cold. Also, heavy usage of hot water may exceed the home’s production capacity, depending on tank size. Also, scald prevention faucets at bathtubs and showers may be set to a lower than optimal temperature. As long as the hot water tank is big enough, the other things can be quickly fixed by minor adjustments.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The HVAC is likely going to need zone adjustments. The common complaints are rooms that get too warm or too cold. Forced air heat uses the same ducts that the air conditioner uses. Homeowners may never be completely happy with room temperature, but you will likely find a suitable compromise between summer cool and winter heat by getting the system repaired. Professionals like those at All American Air & Electric, Inc. can help make sure you the system is maintained or repaired if needed.

It is always advisable to get a home inspection before closing on a home. Plus it is good to hire a home inspector to inspect any major home repair or remodeling project prior to paying for the services.

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Home Appliances

Newer homes that include kitchen appliances should have them handpicked by you. Pre-installed kitchen appliances may not look great and can be cheaper to keep builder profits higher. Cheap dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, ovens, stoves and built-in microwaves may fail sooner than expected. Built-in oven and microwave combinations can be very expensive to replace. Minor issues should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the need of early and costly replacement.

Exterior Grading

There are rules governing the slope of the ground outside of your newer home to keep water from intruding into crawlspaces, basements and garages. The final slope of the grade away from your home may need to be adjusted in some spots due to uneven compacting and settling of the ground. Water should always run away from your house and not puddle or pool close to it. Damage to grass or landscaping underneath gutters may be due to blocked downspouts.

Most problems that newer homes develop in their first few years of existence are minor. Cracking in walls around some interior doors toward the center of the house is practically bound to happen. However, foundation and exterior cracking of masonry should not occur. This would be a sign of a more serious problem. Plumbing and electrical problems may be due to code violations and should be inspected. No new homes should have been approved by inspectors if there are code violations.

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