Top 5 Cleanest Interior Design Scheme Hacks

Top 5 Cleanest Interior Design Scheme Hacks
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    Interior design can be challenging on many levels, and one of the reasons why many homeowners find it difficult to create the ideal look for their space relates to achieving a beautiful look that also represents their sense of style and is also functional.


Some homeowners have a tendency to over-decorate in an effort to achieve the right look, but this can ultimately make the space look cluttered and hinder home office productivity. The result can be confusion with the design and an ambiance that is stressful to be in. If you want to create a relaxing, functionally designed space, taking a minimalist approach will yield better results. These are a few easy tips that you can follow to create the desired look for your interior décor without sacrificing efficiency.

Select the Right Colors

The first step to take when incorporating a minimalist design into your space is to make thoughtful color selections. If your goal is to create an environment that looks clean, white or various shades should be used significantly in the space, but you may also think about using other color choices as well.

White and black, or white with shades of gray or natural wood tones can look stunning. Some only use these as their two primary color options, but others may incorporate a third color into the space. If a third color is used, it often is used sparingly as a bold accent color. Red, royal blue, neon green or vivid purple can all be incorporated into the space as an accent color with incredible results. For a home office stick with soothing color that won’t create anxiety or stress. If you do want to give it a little pop without distraction, try painting the ceiling in the accent color.

Incorporate Accessories that Have a Purpose in the Space

With a minimalist design, each accessory should be carefully selected. Everything from sliding door hardware to the light fixtures and the vase on the coffee table should bring some design element into the room. Furthermore, they should have ample space around them so that their unique beauty or style can add something to the space.

When too many accessories are in the space or when they are placed too close together, the accessories get overlooked. Or, when there are too man objects in one space your mind can start to wander and worry over placement creating a distracting environment in which to work. When it comes to decorating, less is more. More than that, keeping accessories to a minimum can reduce decorating expenses and can make home maintenance tasks like cleaning easier./p>

Bring Natural Elements into the Space

A clean look is often enhanced when natural elements are incorporated into your interior design scheme, and there are various ways that you can do this. A potted plant, such as bamboo, can have the stark, clean lines that you want in your space, and can also make the space look fresher and more relaxing.

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While plants are a great option for bringing natural elements into the space, consider incorporating sunlight and natural views into the room and also using natural materials. Natural light helps our bodies when working, and having your home office in a room with lots of natural light can help you feel more energized and creative than being stuck in a small, suffocating room. Renovating the space to add sliding doors or large bay windows is another way to accomplish this. Replacing cold marble countertops with butcher block countertops is also another way to keep the flow of natural elements within your home.

Think About Hidden Storage Ideas

A final factor to consider to pull off an effective minimalist look is storage. Each accessory and furnishing that you bring into the space impacts the design, but each item may also have a functional purpose. While having some items sitting out as display pieces is important, there are likely other items that you may want to have on hand for functional use in the space.

For the items that you do not want to display, storage is necessary. Hidden storage ideas may include everything from drawers or cabinets in end tables to hidden storage in ottomans, sofas or even in a nook behind the TV. These are all great ideas for concealing items that you want close by but that should not be displayed especially if your home office is in a public place like a nook of the kitchen. Using good storage can help you not only stay organized but it will help keep stress levels down to a minimum. This way when you’re cooking you’re not constantly looking over at your desk stressed about the never ending stacks of paper.

When you are updating the décor in your home, keep in mind that a perfectly decorated room or home office will take time to create. You may need to transition some pieces out of the room while bringing new items into the room that have more purpose and benefits. Or you may need to pinpoint specific things that cause you anxiety and tackle those firsts. By following these tips, you can more easily create the clean, minimalist look that you want in your home and heighten home office productivity without sacrificing beauty.



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