Personal Finance: 5 Benefits of Replacement Windows

Personal Finance: 5 Benefits of Replacement Windows
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    There comes a time in every house's life when major overhauls are needed in order to restore its former charm and functionality.

    And since its main elements are continuously exposed to weather and seasonal changes, often times the home revamping process involves replacing quite a few things, from windows and doors, to decks, gutters and roofs.


Let’s look at what we can do without overspending, since frugal living and frugal home improvement are important, too.

When it comes to window replacement, some people may be hesitant in undertaking this home improvement project, and for the right reasons: first, the task itself asks for commitment, financial and time wise. Secondly, there’s the concern that new windows could seriously alter the overall look of the house, which would be too costly to address afterwards. And then there’s also the question of making sure the windows are indeed beyond repair and that they truly need replacing.

Luckily, we’re here to address all these concerns and show you the benefits of windows replacement.

First Things First: How To Tell Your Windows Need Replacing Instead Of Repairing?

This differs from case to case but, generally speaking, if you find any signs of extended mold or rotting, then there’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to recondition them.

According to the experts from Exterior Transformations, the other main reasons for replacing windows are poor insulation value, reduced functionality and a look that no longer satisfies the current aesthetic trends.

If you are planning to have your windows replaced sometime in the near future, then here are the top 5 benefits you should be aware of:

Improved Overall Comfort

New windows have a better insulating capacity which means heat loss and the winter’s cold drafts will be reduced to a comfortable minimum. Besides keeping the indoor temperature constant and at desirable levels, new glazing can also minimize the outside noise, impacting the quality of your time spent indoors and even improving your night’s rest.

Low Maintenance

Nothing says low maintenance better than a couple of new windows. Every single window related house chore suddenly gets easier, from airing out your entire home, to washing the glass, cleaning and painting the frames. Thanks to better operating systems, modernly fabricated glass and frames that come in all shapes, sizes and materials, your maintenance efforts are bound to change from tedious and frustrating to simple and less time-consuming.

Fresh Looks

Replacing your old windows with new ones can also become an opportunity to give your house the look and feel of your dreams, inside and out. By getting creative in terms of style, material and colors, you can dramatically alter the exterior appearance of your home, amplifying its curb appeal and, therefore, making it more attractive to passersby and even to potential buyers. New windows can also impact the inside of your home, from increased natural light to exciting new design features you could opt for, such as bay windows, adorned with inviting window seats and comfy cushions.

Key window design is energy efficiency and design. Please give this article a quick comment/share and then jump over to our windows installation center for window replacement tips.

Better Home Security

Recent statistics say that, in the United States, a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds, and one of the main thief deterrents that work are visible window and door locks. Since many old windows have misbehaving locking mechanisms and frames that have long lost their sturdiness, they are prone to becoming entry points for uninvited, late-night visitors. New windows, on the other hand, are tested for forced entry and are equipped with multiple locks for improved safety, giving you an extra reason to rest assured that your family and your belongings are safe and secure.

Financial Benefits

We saved the best benefit for the last: the long-term financial gain. Today’s technology allows the continuous improvement of window glazing, with an accent on resilience and energy efficiency. This is will undeniably be reflected by your utility bills: by simply replacing your old windows with new ones, you will be able to lower your heating and cooling costs by over 25%. Since the energy cost is rising, this money saving benefit is in for the long run, providing you and your family with a welcomed money saving opportunity.

And if you’re planning to sell your home sometimes in the future, then you should know that replacement windows are part of the top five remodeling projects which provide the best return on investment, another solid argument which proves that replacing your windows is, most often than not, the right choice.



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