Bathroom Refresh: Thrifty Ways to Renovate Your Throne Room

Bathroom Refresh: Thrifty Ways to Renovate Your Throne Room
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    A new shower head can make a boring and lame shower interesting again.

    Low-flow options help you save money.


There’s nothing worse than a dark, depressing, bathroom. At the same time, who can afford a complete remodel? Here are some low-cost ideas that will give your bathroom a much-needed makeover without breaking the bank.


Painting is one of the cheapest things you can do to a bathroom, and it works. Painting your walls a variation of white, or some other light, color will lighten the room up, and make it appear larger.

Light colors also look amazing when cleaned, while keeping the room looking fresh and clean. To minimize mold or mildew, go with Kilz primer and paint. If you want a higher-end paint, use Benjamin Moore as the top-coat. It’s a little pricier than big-box mixes, but it looks great on the wall.

Change the Shower Head

A new shower head can make a boring and lame shower interesting again. Low-flow options help you save money, while innovative vitamin C shower heads will neutralize chlorine and chloramines in the water, which might help with any skin issues you’re battling.

Of course, there’s the look to consider too. Chrome shower heads will give you a modern feel, while brass or distressed-metal finishes keep things looking “old world.”

And, removable shower heads are an excellent replacement if you’re too tall or a little too short for a standard fixture, or if you just want to micro-manage water flow while you’re in there.

Bring In New Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom medicine cabinets are both practical and can create a nice focal point in the bathroom. But, bathroom medicine cabinets can be pricey, especially those that are set into the wall. Fortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond has some budget-conscious choices that still look amazing.

The thing about a medicine cabinet is that almost everyone of us needs one. So, if you have toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, medicine, and a bunch of little pill boxes or creams and soaps, why not get something that looks pretty while hiding all of your toiletries?

For $100 or less, some of the ones on the market now can transform your whole bathroom.

Install A New Vanity From Recycled Parts

New vanities are expensive. But, they don’t have to be if you’re willing to recycle old furniture or do a restoration job on the stuff you’ve got now. Go to a vintage store, Goodwill, or hunt through the junkyard to find interesting parts you can cobble together into a vanity that everyone will be jealous of.

Use a Shower Curtain Instead Of A Glass Enclosure

Shower doors are very “in” right now, but glass enclosures are expensive. Yes, they look amazing, but you can still achieve a chic look with the right shower curtain.

For many people, a shower curtain screams “bachelor” or “poor college kid,” but cloth curtains are actually very adult.

You don’t have to have Sponge Bob, hearts, or little fish swimming every which-way on your curtain. Pick up some nice brass curtain rings, a washable fabric shower curtain, and you’ll forget all about that $10,000 custom tub you just saw on HGTV.

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