8 Reasons to Install a “Walk-in” Tub for Your Home

8 Reasons to Install a “Walk-in” Tub for Your Home
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    Walk-in bathtubs are becoming more and more common and for quite a good reason. They provide a level of luxury in an affordable way.


Not only that, they are one of the safest tub options that there is, helping to drastically limit the amount of falls that lead to serious injury.

Best of all, most walk-in tubs have the capability of fitting two people at once meaning that each and every bath is a spacious, comfortable, and enjoyable scenario. That kind of comfort, reliability, and safety makes having a walk-in tub absolutely ideal for quite a few reasons.

As a matter of fact, here are eight reasons in particular that installing a walk-in tub in a residential space makes for a great idea.

To ensure greater safety and independence

For older individuals, the issue of mobility and safety becomes a problem later in life. When reaction times slow and balance wanes, living independently can lead to safety concerns. Slips and falls become very serious safety concerns for those living on their own.

This is particularly true when it comes to getting in and out of the bathtub. Traditional tubs require lifting one’s leg up and over the edge of the tub and that stops becoming a possibility for some later in life.

A walk-in tub provides a level of safety for those with mobility issues like never before. Not only that, it allows those individuals to maintain their independence, something that becomes incredibly important later in life.

Therapeutic Reasons

Let’s face facts: part of the enjoyment of taking a shower (for some of us, at least) is being able to sooth tense and sore muscles as well as aching joints. Without a walk-in shower, there is a struggle to get in and out of the tub, meaning showers happen lesser and lesser.

Being able to simply walk into the shower means greater ease, meaning a higher frequency of showers. That means soothing those aching joints and sore muscles more often, helping those who suffer from those afflictions achieve a level of comfort they could not otherwise get.

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Convenience for Active Caregivers

There are plenty of situations where a parent becomes incapable of truly supporting and caring for themselves but consistent medical care is just not financially feasible. When this is the case, it is very common for elderly parents to live with their kids.

If those parents are suffering from mobility issues, it can be quite a lot to deal with wondering if they are okay. But with a walk-in bathtub in the home, it means allowing for the elderly parent to maintain independence while providing peace of mind to their kids.

Caring for aging relatives can be immense pressure and stress without factoring in difficulty in bathing or getting out of the tub. Knowing that elderly parents can bathe themselves safely and comfortably can provide a bit of relief for those caregivers. Making the process easier in any way makes walk-in tubs an absolute must.

Excellent for Those with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimers is a tragic disease that far too many people deal with on a daily basis. It can also lead to major safety concerns for those afflicted with the disease. But having a walk-in tub provides something that even individuals stricken with Alzheimers can manage.

Even if the person affected can’t care for themselves completely, getting in and out of the tub is still something that can be managed. It allows for a little bit of assistance for caregivers and independence for those suffering.

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Getting Luxury and Convenience

Perhaps your old tub is outdated and you are looking to replace it with something a bit more modern and luxurious. Adding a walk-in bathtub to your home can provide that sense of luxury with a convenience that cannot be matched.

Even for those who are physically able to get into a standard tub, the scenario still prevents safety issues since accidents can happen. Getting the maximum safety with a little bit of luxury makes for an ideal tub situation in nearly any kind of home.

Perfect for Those with Weight Problems

Traditional tubs can lead to issues for those with weight problems. Fitting into the tub can become a real problem, limiting the ability of that person to clean themselves on a regular basis. This can lead to serious hygiene problems.

With a walk-in bathtub, it becomes a far more convenient option for those who suffer from obesity. Instead of struggling to get down into a traditional tub, it becomes far easier to comfortably bathe for even the heaviest of person.

Walk-in bathtubs continue to demonstrate a versatility and convenience level that cannot be matched by any other tub.

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For Seniors with Mobile Disabilities

There are many seniors who have the mental facilities to live on their own but they struggle with serious mobile disabilities. Getting around is quite difficult and using a traditional bathtub can become a near impossibility.

By installing a walk-in bathtub, it makes things all the easier for those mobile-challenged seniors to get the hygiene needs they have met. Being able to properly wash and care for themselves allows them to stay independent yet healthy well into their later years.

Not only that, having a walk-in tub makes it safer for those individuals to stay independent. That is a level of confidence that is unmatched.

Allows Seniors to “Age in Place”

Senior care is not something that is for everyone. There are some seniors who are adamant that they will never be put into elderly care. This is why having a walk-in tub is so important for the independence of those elderly citizens.

other valuable tips:

A walk-in bathtub makes it easier for them to get in and out of the tub. This means that they can properly care for and wash, a factor that could wind up keeping them out of elderly care.

For those senior citizens that are adamant that they be able to age in their own home, a walk-in bathtub is an absolute must.

Peter Rossi, Bespoke Hot Tub Designer, ex-Jacuzzi Head of Product Design

Image credit: by Pixabay

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