When and How to Use the DIY Approach

When and How to Use the DIY Approach
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    There is much to be said for the do-it-yourself DIY approach.

    While we like the comfort and convenience of hiring someone to do something for us, especially if they’re considered experts or professionals,...

    ... a DIY approach brings out our rugged individualism, and often we get things done cheaper and more to our taste.


Still, there are also times when it’s a great idea to use a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and when it’s not a good idea. Naturally, you shouldn’t use it if you don’t have the skills to do it well or it endangers you or others, but there are also times when you are fully capable of doing it, but you don’t have the time, energy, or material resources to get everything organized.

If, for example, you’re moving your entire household across the country, DIY is generally not a good idea. Although you probably have enough organizational skills to hire a truck, recruit friends and relatives to help you, and drive across country, you probably will work less efficiently and less cost-effectively than if you hired a professional moving company like North American Van Lines. They can help you with the logistics and provide the men, the equipment, and A North American Tractor-Trailer to move everything in one trip. However, once you’ve set up your new home, a DIY approach can be just the ticket to help you make the new place cozy and warm.

Here are a few projects that are perfect to try a DIY style in a new home or if you want to do a home makeover:

Arts and craft project with the kids

A DIY makeover in any room will transform it. You can instantly brighten up any room in your home with the use of bolder colors and some creative color contrasts. You can even make a small, plain laundry room more attractive and by making a simple, elegant DIY wall-mounted laundry room lint bin.

When you really look into it, you’ll quickly discover an inexhaustible list of things you can do to spruce up your rooms and transform your living areas. If you have kids, you can enroll them in projects that they’ll consider fun.

Refinishing old furniture

Wood furniture can look amazing when you refinish it. Old tables, chairs, bookcases, and shelves can be “rejuvenated” with some refinishing work.

Once you have a vision of how you would like a piece of furniture to look, here are some suggested steps you should take to take to refinish furniture for the best effect:

  • First, apply stripper.
  • Second, remove the old finish.
  • Third, clean the furniture with mineral spirits.
  • Fourth, sand the furniture smooth, and then remove the sanding residue.
  • Fifth, apply a stain, and then remove the excess stain.

DIY Projects: How to Get Organized

Here are some steps to get creative with your home décor:

  • 1. See what rooms or furniture look drab or time-worn.

    Walk around the rooms of your house as if you were seeing everything for the first time. View everything as if you were an artist who had been sent there on an assignment to see what areas needed a little sprucing up. If possible, involve others in this walk-through game, perhaps your spouse, kids, or creative friends.

  • 2. Brainstorm new possibilities.

    Brainstorm any ideas that occur to you. Again, the more people you can involve the more ideas you’ll generate. It’s easier to brainstorm when you initiate creative dialogues from my perspectives.

  • 3. Add to your stockpile of ideas.

    Do some fun online research on creative ideas for home décor. A good place to look would be Pinterest, which has plenty of pins on DIY home makeover ideas.

  • 4. Narrow down your list.

    Now that you’ve expanded your possibility thinking with your large list, it’s time to narrow things down. Begin by eliminating any ideas that don’t appeal to you for one reason or another. Finally, choose ideas that will work with the unique features of your home.

  • PICS: all interior home
    view photo remodeling
    PICS: all exterior home

  • 5. Figure out how to do things.

    Some things, you might be able to work out on your own; others you may need a set of instructions from people who have done it. Most of this information can be obtained online, or you can ask people who have done what you hope to do.

While you will save money by taking the DIY approach, it isn’t actually all about saving money by not hiring someone to do the things you need or by not buying ready-made décor, artwork, or furniture. It’s more about the fun of diving into the creative process.

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