Top Tools you Need for Any Home Renovation Project

Top Tools you Need for Any Home Renovation Project
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    Renovating a home is always an exciting process.

    You get to take the home you already love and improve upon it with your own ideas to transform it into an even better nook.


However, a home renovation project can easily turn sour if you’re not using the right tools. These are the top tools anyone should be using on any home renovation project.

Cordless Screw Driver

A cordless screw driver is likely the tool that you’ll find yourself using the most out of the rest. Rather than drilling, this tool is used particularly for driving screws. The cordless screw driver helps out immensely in situations where you need to affix several screws to a surface and time is of the essence. Likewise, it’s a great way to quickly remove screws from surfaces. It’s lighter and easier to use than a drill, but faster to use than a standard screw driver.

Stud Sensor

If your home renovation project requires digging into the wall to mount or hang something, a stud sensor will come in handy for locating the studs in your walls without needing to tear anything apart. When purchasing a stud sensor, shop according to accuracy and ease of use. Some people would forgo the stud sensor and just choose a place to hang things, however this is a bad idea. Some items like shelves or heavier decorations need a sturdy surface and hanging them in an area without a stud could lead to damage or the item falling off the wall unexpectedly.

Cordless Jig Saw

A cordless jig saw is a great tool for those who are less than thrilled with the idea of manual labor and working with a hand saw. A cordless jig saw can quickly separate pine boards and plywood, and what’s even better is that you can get work done without having to push a cord out of your way every five seconds.

Angle Grinder

The angle grinder is a popular tool used for cutting, grinding down surfaces, and polishing. You can change out the disc used in the grinder for a variety of tasks. It is definitely a multitaskers favorite tool. You can use it to cut and then change the disk to smooth out the material.

Industrial Blower

A blower is an ideal tool for clearing out light debris from a work area. If you plan to renovate outside, a blower can make quick work of leaves that might happen to be scattered throughout the site. A blower can help with indoor renovating if you need to move wood shavings or other debris quickly from an area.

Folding Knife

Lastly, a folding knife can come in handy in countless situations. You might find yourself in need of stripping wires, opening boxes, cutting quickly through a surface, etc. It helps if you can find a folding knife that also has all the other bells and whistles attached (mini-scissors, screw-driver, etc.), but in most cases, the folding knife by itself will work just fine.

Don’t make the mistake of starting your home renovation project without these tools on hand. Not only will they come in handy, but they can keep you from making costly mistakes, wasting time, and/or endangering your safety.



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