Tips for Selling Your Home at Christmas and Beyond

Tips for Selling Your Home at Christmas and Beyond
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    December through February can seem like odd months to sell a home, with Christmas and other holidays causing a distraction and winter weather making it harder for buyers to accurately appreciate what they're looking at.


Still, you may have no choice but to list your home now in a market that is much less busy than at other times of the year.

Guess what? With fewer buyers come fewer sellers — you may find that selling your home now can give you a distinct advantage that you might not have at other times of the year. Here is how to sell your home over the holidays and into the new year.

Curb Appeal Still Matters

Brown lawns, leafless trees and dormant gardens hold little appeal to most people including home buyers. Even more challenging are snow covered lawns, drives and walk ways. And these need to be kept clear when people stop by.

Curb appeal in the winter means being mindful of turn offs to potential buyers. That ice dam gathering on your roof, ice cycles hanging down from the gutters, and other signs of potential wintry calamity will cause people to drive off. If your home has a maintenance problem it should be addressed immediately. That can be a challenge during the winter, but one that must be met if you plan to sell your home.

Keep it Warm and Inviting

If they pass through your threshold, home shoppers should feel welcome. Have your home set at a warm temperature, do not skimp at heat. Offer to take your guest’s coats and invite them to remove their boots. You can go one step further by providing disposable slippers for them to wear as they walk through your home.

If you have a working fireplace, then light it. Real estate agents often recommend that homeowners bake cookies just before guests arrive so do so and leave the cookies out for your visitors to sample. You want to convey “warm and cozy” to your guests, attributes that can sell a home.

Let There be Light

Short days and long shadows can make a home seem dreary. And a dreary home is not something many people would consider.

Open up the drapes, hang sheer curtains, do whatever it takes to bring in much natural light. Augment natural light with overhead and area lighting and your visitors will appreciate your home.

Stage it for the Season

How should you decorate your home when selling it at Christmas? Some agents may advise you to tone the decorations down, but that thinking can quash your family celebration.

Decorate as you usually do, keeping in mind that you want home shoppers to imagine how the home would look if they were to live there. Not every person will share the same holidays and festivals as you, but most people won’t allow your personal celebration to detract from enjoying your home.

Seasonal Matters

With winter weather buffeting your home, keeping walks and the driveway clear is essential. Keep plenty of sand and rock salt on hand and hire a snow plow or neighborhood teen to help you when needed.

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