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Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Sept 25: Beat The Heat: Fireproof Your Home With These 4 Tips

Tweet Here are four tips you can use to fireproof your home. 1. Install Smoke Alarms One of the key fire safety components is the smoke alarm. You need to

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Sept 18: How to Make DIY Stress Free

Tweet We seem to lose all common sense when faced with household DIY, forgetting our basic skills and messing up the job in unimaginable ways. To make sure your next

Home Repairs

Do It Yourself: Five Repairs to Learn on Your Own

Homeowners who want to be handy enough to do repairs around the house should learn how to do a wide range of repairs. This article will outline five repairs homeowners can do around the house to fix things themselves and save money.

Home Renovation

Job Well Done: How To Go About Do It Yourself Construction

Home renovations or new building projects can become quite expensive quick. The best way to save a few dollars here and there with construction projects is to go about these projects in the do it yourself manner.