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Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your College Apartment

After years of feeling cramped in the dorms, you finally received the keys to your first apartment. This new space allows you to live independently and explore your identity more than ever before, and this includes your taste in decor. With the right decorations, your apartment can start to feel like home.

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Six Decorating Traps to Avoid in a Small Apartment

When you live in a small studio or apartment, you want to express your own decorating style without taking up too much space.

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How to upgrade your rental apartment without upsetting your landlord

Renting out an apartment for a while, you’ll want to refresh some parts of it or redecorate it entirely – but how to do that without irritating your landlord?

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Prettying Up a Small Apartment With the Right Home Decor

If you are a city person who loves living right in the middle of all the excitement, then you have probably made peace with the fact that your home will look like a doll house compared to someone who has given up city life and chosen to move far, far away.