ideas: Where Would Carpet Flooring Look (Work) Best?

Where Would Carpet Flooring Look (Work) Best?

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carpet flooring

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Let’s start with bedrooms


  • Most likely carpet for bedroom – though many trends are moving towards wood floors.
  • But imagine what it would feel like when you awake each money and place your feet on the floor.
  • That is why carpet is preferred for bedrooms – it is soft – warm – and better feeling for bedroom sleeping and relaxation.
  • And you have multiple styles and textures to choose from that will fit any styled room.
  • What about bedroom rugs? yes, you can use bedroom rugs on hardwood to give the bedroom a more softer look. That is a popular trend for switching to hardwood floors in bedrooms. But when it comes to the bedroom floor’s overall feel, carpet is one of the best flooring options for that barefoot walk – both in the summer and winter months.
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carpet flooring

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For in the basement


  • Basements are generally cement flooring that are perfect for carpeting – especially if you are converting sections of the basement into a recreation or home theater room.
  • You could use other flooring options – but carpet has the best overall feel and look.
  • If your basement has a lot of traffic from kids playing around, select a durable carpet that can take the traffic:
    INFO: which carpet is best for a basement?
  • Keeping your basement dry Basements can leak – and moisture builds up along the outside foundation that can seep in. So make sure your basement if wet-free before installing carpet.


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carpet flooring

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Living rooms


  • Living rooms generally have three choices for flooring – hardwood – laminate or vinyl – and carpeting.
  • There are other flooring options, but these three are the most used:
    INFO: top flooring options
  • Your flooring option will depend on whether you want a warm feel to your living space or something a bit harder.
  • Is carpet easier to clean? many would say so – especially with the use of high powered and robotic vacuums. Let’s just agree that carpet hides the dirt better than hardwood. But for durability – hardwood may be a better choice:

    INFO: hardwood vs carpet flooring

    robotic vacuum cleanercarpet cleaners

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carpet flooring

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A combination look


  • You may like both hardwood and carpeting – so why not split them?
  • One part of the room (the entry hall way) as hardwood – the other section (living room area) with carpet.
  • This is a trend that you are finding in many, new constructed homes.
  • The flooring compliments each other take another look at the image. Note how the carpet in the living room area highlights the wood floor. It works like a “spotlight” – helping the wood flooring look even better.


    entry door lever and deadbolt lock setstair runners for wooden steps

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carpet flooring

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For the dining room


  • Perhaps! But we don’t think so.
  • Food and drink spillage can really wreck havoc on a carpet.
  • Hardwood for the dining area We suggest hardwood with a table rug – so what the difference regarding food spillage? If the spillage happens on the hardwood, you simply wipe it up. If on the rug, you clean it like you would the carpet. The only difference is that rugs can be easily replaced.
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