ideas: Top Methods for Refreshing a Tired Living Room

Top Methods for Refreshing a Tired Living Room

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  • Your home should spark joy and comfort whenever you spend time within it, especially in the main living room of the house where you will spend most of your time.

    If your living room is feeling a little lackluster at the moment, and if you’re feeling more and more bothered by it, here are some great ways for giving your living space a much-needed refresh:

    • 1) try a fresh coat of paint
    • 2) deep clean your floor
    • 3) add bold colors
    • 4) introduce plants or flowers
    • 5) open up the space

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refreshing a tired living room

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Try a fresh coat of paint


  • It doesn’t matter if you want to completely redecorate, go over only one wall in a new color, or paint over your walls in the same color, a new coat of paint makes all the difference.
  • Introducing new color can add a completely new feel to your room, making it a more exciting place to be. Adding color completely if your room is currently neutral can truly transform the space. Or, freshening up an existing color can serve to make it look cleaner and brighter.
    8 Ways to Make Neutral Rooms Anything but Boring
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refreshing a tired living room

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Deep clean your floor


  • Sometimes, a refresh which is needed isn’t always aesthetic improvements. A room which has been cleaned and tidied properly can have your space feeling like a completely different room.
  • Deep cleaning is essential for tired and worn features, such as faded upholstery or carpets. Give your room a new lease of life by deep cleaning.
  • Use a company that specializes in professional carpet stain removal to tackle any problem areas and ensure everything is looking like new again.
    living room cleaning checklist
  • HEPA vacuumsupholstery cleanercarpet cleaners

       some cleaning tools to consider      

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refreshing a tired living room

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Add bold colors


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refreshing a tired living room

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Introduce plants or flowers


  • If you’re looking to add life (literally) into a room, then why not try fresh flowers or houseplants? There’s always the perfect bunch of flowers or plants suitable for your home, no matter your taste or color scheme.
  • Flowers are perfect for adding color or vibrancy, especially for an occasion, and houseplants are great long-term additions to add greenery to your home. Large plants, such as floor-standing plants, can really have an impact within your living room.
    Indoor plants for stressed out people
  • housesplantshouseplants that flowerhouseplant standshouseplant ladders

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” idea

refreshing a tired living room

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Open up the space


  • Perhaps your room feels simply too dark and cramped. It’s a good idea to try and introduce as much natural light as possible into your room to make it feel fresher and brighter.
  • Consider replacing heavy and thick curtains with thinner and brighter fabrics, or switching to blinds, to allow as much light in as possible. Reflective surfaces, like mirrors and reflective furniture, can help rooms to feel a lot bigger, as well as spread light around more easily.
  • If your home allows for it, you could even consider knocking down a wall to create an open-plan living space and create a more bright and inviting area.
    20 Creative Ways to Get More Natural Light in Dark Rooms
  • decorate wall mirrormirrored furniturebright curtains

       some adding more natural like ideas to consider      

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    refreshing your tired living room.

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