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Walls and Ceiling

Damage-Free Ways To Decorate Your Walls

When left bare, your walls can appear bland and uninspired—but common hanging techniques, such as nails, give your walls unsightly ruptures. If you live in your own home, this isn’t too big of an issue. For renters, the situation is more dire.

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Wall Art That Doesn’t Say Anything … But

Empty wall picture frames – that is a growing craze that you may note with many wall decor ideas. But what you might find is a splatter of empty wall frames that look disorganized and over the top. There is a way to decorate using empty frames … a decor topic we explore below.

Analysis Home Decor

photo analysis: Tips on Decorating a Wall

Decorating a wall is easy to do – or is it? It’s the question of wall decor type, positioning, style and more. Let’s analyze this decorating wall example.

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4 Ways to Make Your Interior Design Look Flawless

Much like your wardrobe, your home is a representation of you. Your creativity and your sense of style are both expressed within the details of your home.

Walls and Ceiling

What To Do With Your Walls – Some Creative Wall Decor

Your interior walls are your canvas – an area where you can be creative. So what kind of wall decor are you thinking of creating?

Walls and Ceiling

Decorating Your Walls … Creatively

You have a wall to decorate. So where do you begin? Let’s start by view some ideas and styles for “decorating your wall”.

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Entryway Bench to Welcome Friends and Family As They Enter

You open the front door to an inviting guest. You invite them in. What do they see once they enter your home? Your home entry way is the first room they encounter. Show them your decor magic with a home entry bench.

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Using a Common Jar Bottle for a Beautiful Flower Vase

Who says you need a fancy vase to display your garden flower picks? Just go to kitchen and use a simple, storage jar as your vase. They make great vases. And the shape and style give you the vintage look you need for a flower decor display.

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Creative Wall Decor for Just Being Different

With some creative thinking, you can design and interior room wall with some simple items that cost nothing. You just need to good background color to bring out the artistic decor. Below are three creative ideas to consider.

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Something Really Basic for Wall Decor

Rustic home decor for the wall. Notes: You don’t need a large budget to bring a room to life. Simple wall decor with the works “home” and a old-fashioned key.