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Halloween Fun

Bring In The Scary Clowns … Maybe Not … Except for Halloween!

Here come the clowns … oh no! Scary clowns. They make great costume decorations for Halloween but not for any other time.

Halloween Fun

Pumpkin Display for the Holidays

The season is here – Halloween and Thanksgiving. So what better way to celebrate the season with creative pumpkin display.

Style Kitchens

The Beauty of Granite Countertops

If you have to choose a kitchen countertop, what would it be? You want to take a look at granite kitchen countertops.

Halloween Fun

It’s Halloween Week – Time to Decorate

It’s Halloween time. You need to get your front yard and entryway decorated. You can make is scary, creative or something that will be a surprise.

Walls and Ceiling

Decorating Your Walls … Creatively

You have a wall to decorate. So where do you begin? Let’s start by view some ideas and styles for “decorating your wall”.

Halloween Fun

Something’s Wrong With These Dolls?

Did you see that? That doll just moved it’s hand! There is something wrong with these dolls.

Vintage Decor

Part of Your Vintage Decor Should Include a Vintage Telephone

If you like vintage decor, have you considered getting a vintage telephone? It could be the sixties look – the seventies – or perhaps something a bit older.

Driveways & Walkways

Deciding Type of Walkway Styles

Walkway styles – you have a number of styles to choose from. From brick, stone, stone block and pebble stone walkway. Let’s take a look.

Living/Family Room

Living Room Style – Take 2

Let’s take another look at living room styles – part 2. Some styles you can use for design you own living room area.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Autumn Gnomes: Perfect Decor for the Fall Season

It’s autumn time. Dropping leave foliage, garden harvests, and getting ready for winter while the weather is good. Time to put out your autumn gnomes.

Automation & Security

Preventing a Home Fire

Home fires can strike at anytime. The best protection is prevention. Listed are the 5 top reasons for home fires. Taking a little care can help avoid a home fire and maintain the safety of your family.

Halloween Fun

Is Your Home Part of the Haunted House Directory

Have you ever been inside a haunted house? Maybe your house is haunted? The creaky floors; doors that slam; and the interior decoration from days gone by.