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Doors and Windows

Interior Home Doors – Should They Be White or Something Else?

Take a look at your interior home doors. Are they a little drab? Maybe you need to change them up. Perhaps a different color or style. Let’s take a look!

Swimming Pools

When It Is Cold Outside – or Not – Wish I Had a Hot Tub

It’s cold – or your just completed a 30 mile bike run. Time to relax time away in your personal hot tub. Step inside. Read a book. Or join into evening drinks with friends. A hot tub is a growing experience for many homes.

Swimming Pools

Addressing Swimming Pool Design, Installation and DYI

Reviewing swimming pool design, installation and DYI with resource information and services

Doors and Windows

About Doors and Windows Installation and DYI

Discussing doors and windows installation and DYI with resource information and services.